UI Network is a decentralized platform that connects various blockchains and enables cross-chain interoperability. SUI Network allows users to access different services and applications on different chains, such as DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more. SUI Network also has its own native token, SUI, which is used for governance, staking, and paying fees.

One of the benefits of being part of the SUI Network community is that you can participate in various airdrops from projects that are built on or integrated with SUI Network. Airdrops are a way of distributing free tokens or NFTs to users who meet certain criteria, such as holding a specific token, using a specific wallet, or performing a specific action. Airdrops are a great way to reward loyal users and attract new ones.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 airdrops that you should be hunting on SUI Network in 2024. These airdrops are either ongoing or upcoming, and they offer some of the most exciting and valuable rewards in the crypto space.


Scallop.io is a DeFi protocol for lending and borrowing on the Sui blockchain. It is the pioneering Next Generation peer-to-peer Money Market for the Sui ecosystem and is dedicated to building a dynamic money market that offers high-interest lending, low-fee borrowing, AMM, and digital asset self-administration tool on a unified platform and offering an SDK for professional traders. Scallop has confirmed to launch the SCA token and do an airdrop for early users. Users who do lending and borrowing on the platform will get free SCA tokens when the tokens go live.

To participate, follow these steps:

  • Visit https://airdrop.scallop.io/ to check your current points.
  • Supply and borrow from Scallop to earn more points. Remember to meet the minimum amount requirements for counting and make sure to monitor your score changes on the leaderboard every 48 hours.
Scallop, Sui network project logo, in deep ocean

Navi Protocol

As the first Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on the Sui network, Navi Protocol allows users to join the Sui ecosystem as lenders or borrowers. The platform’s goal is to become a major force in the fast-changing DeFi landscape in the Sui ecosystem. Navi Protocol has announced that it will introduce a token named “NAVI” in the future. Users who lend or borrow tokens on the platform may receive an airdrop when the token is launched.

To qualify for the Airdrop:

  • Visit https://app.naviprotocol.io/leaderboard to access the platform.
  • Check your Daily Activity Section and Points Details.
  • Borrow, lend, or interact with the platform to earn more points.
  • Stake $SUI for $vSUI at Volo, supply $vSUI at Navi, and earn weekly points.
Navi Protocol Logo in green, sui network airdrop
Navi Protocol

DeSuiLabs NFT

If you own a DeSuiLabs NFT, you have access to the first inscription NFT on Sui. You also enjoy amazing benefits, such as lower prices on DeSuiLabs games, entry to the DeSuiLabs Legacy whitelist, and exclusive airdrops. As DeSuiLabs NFT season 2 is coming soon, you can look forward to more airdrops and even guaranteed spots on the DeSuiLabs Season II whitelist. Become part of the lively DeSuiLabs community and get rewarded!  

DeSuiLabs NFT logo in purple colour

Cosmocadia NFT

Cosmocadia is a game on Sui that uses the Cosmocadia NFT to access its features. By owning the Cosmocadia NFT, you can get airdrops of tokens and NFTs from the game and the mother studio. The airdrop season is still on, and holders are getting in-game islands NFTs. Don't miss out on more amazing rewards!

Cosmocadia NFT animated logo, Sui network upcoming Airdrop

Sacabam NFT

Sacabam NFT is inspired by the passionate $SCB community, one of the best meme coins on Sui. Even though airdrops for NFT holders are not promised, the project has proven its commitment to its community. With the fish working on something thrilling, there’s a high possibility that Sacabam NFT holders will be compensated for their loyalty. Keep in touch with the Sacabam community to stay updated!

Sacabam NFT, sui airdrop, a fat fish is used as a logo for this project, it's in grey colour

These are the TOP5 airdrops on SUI network. If you want to dive deep into SUI and want to know about when's the right time to buy, watch the video below👇

And yeah, Remember that participating in these airdrops and earning tokens requires active engagement. Be active, join the communities and keep an eye on their annoucements!

Happy Farming :))

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