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Yagyesh Jaiswal

Yagyesh Jaiswal

Chainlink Leads Banks into the Era of Asset Tokenization

Chainlink Drives Banking's Asset Tokenization Era

Chainlink is facilitating the transition of major banks towards blockchain technology and asset tokenization, with key financial institutions already moving from pilot programs to live deployments. This marks a significant shift in the financial industry, setting the stage for a future dominated by digitalized real-world assets.
USDT and other stables, UK Flag in Background

UK's Stablecoin & Staking Rules Set for 6-Month Rollout

The UK government, through Economic Secretary Bim Afolami, announced plans to roll out new regulations for stablecoins and staking services within six months, aiming to enhance regulatory clarity and establish the UK as a global crypto hub.
Binance Introduces New Perpetual Contract

Binance Launches USD-M Mavia Perpetual Contract

Binance displays its commitment to improving the trading experience through the introduction of a Mavia perpetual contract and the incorporation of Starknet across its exchanges. The updates widen opportunities for participants and demonstrate Binance's efforts to develop innovative products serving the cryptocurrency community. Traders now have increased choice of trading and yield-generating options through the integration of a highly anticipated asset and expanded perpetual contract offering.
STRK Dips 17% Following Airdrop of 1M+ Tokens

StarkNet's STRK Token Dips After Massive Airdrop

The price of the STRK token, which powers the StarkNet blockchain platform, dropped by 17% after over 1.4 million tokens were airdropped to thousands of individual wallets. According to on-chain data, these 1.4 million STRK tokens, worth around $3 million, were distributed equally among 1,361 wallets. However, further analysis showed that nearly all of these airdrop recipients proceeded to consolidate their newly acquired tokens within hours into a single wallet address.
Ether Eyes Spot ETF Approval

Bernstein Predicts Ether ETF Approval Surge

Bernstein's report suggests Ether could be the next digital asset to receive spot ETF approval in the U.S., citing a 50% chance by May. With its upcoming Dencun upgrade and growing interest from traditional finance firms, Ether is well-positioned for institutional adoption.
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What Genesis' GBTC Sell-Off Means for the Crypto Market

While the full impact of Genesis' approved GBTC sell-off remains to be seen, Coinbase puts forth a reasonable case that ensuing funds are likely to circulate back into crypto markets rather than flee the ecosystem. As similar situations unfold, analyses of subsequent flow patterns will help determine if such large institutional liquidations principally serve to balance or disrupt crypto price dynamics. Continued mainstreaming of regulated Bitcoin investment vehicles also factors into how future events influence this burgeoning asset class.
Law firm accused of collaborating in FTX fraud

FTX Law Firm Accused of Aiding Alleged Exchange Fraud

The legal battle between FTX creditors and Sullivan & Cromwell highlights the precarious position of professional partnerships surrounding controversial industry players. As the primary counsel advising such a prominent exchange, S&C faced obligations to diligence operations and refrain from activities that could enable fraudulent conduct - even if unintentionally.
FTX Jail Image

Sam Bankman-Fried's First Glimpse From Behind Bars

Journalist Tiffany Fong shared the first picture of Sam Bankman-Fried in prison on social media in February 2024, a month after his fraud conviction related to the FTX collapse. The image provides insight into Bankman-Fried's daily existence in the U.S. correctional system as the aftermath of the FTX implosion continues.