f you like learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you might have heard of BRC-20 tokens. BRC-20 tokens are tokens made on the Bitcoin network.

This helps developers make their digital assets. In this article, we will examine the best five BRC-20 tokens you should watch out for in 2024.


ORDI is the first BRC-20 token to be created using the Ordinals protocol. It is considered a memecoin on the Bitcoin network.

The Ordinals protocol makes it possible to write text, picture, audio, and video data straight to each satoshi, which is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin network. This offers new use cases for NFTs and tokens on Bitcoin.

Logo of BRC20 token ORDI


$SATS is a BRC-20 token that pays respect to Satoshi Nakamoto. SATS is an acronym for satoshi, Bitcoin's smallest unit. The Ordinals protocol is used on the Bitcoin network to create and share the BRC-20 token, $SATS.

It was one of the earliest fungible tokens on Bitcoin, allowing users to write text on individual satoshis. $SATS is traded on numerous platforms and now has a market value of $1.4B

Logo of BRC20 token SATS

$MUBI (Multibit)

MultiBit is the first dual-sided bridge that eases transfers between BRC20 and ERC20 tokens. It enables cross-chain connections to reach their full potential by increasing liquidity like never before.

It aims to increase the liquidity and accessibility of BRC and ERC tokens in a safe and intuitive environment. MUBI currently has a market cap of $192M.

The logo of Mutibit Exchange


Trac Token (TRAC) is an innovative project in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It allows you to access and organize Bitcoin’s huge data with Trac Core.

This tool integrates seamlessly with the blockchain. It fetches updates, sorts them logically, and makes them available for analysis and queries with APIs. TRAC currently has a market cap of $101.66M.

LOGO of BRC20 Project TRAC


COM token is the key element for the BRC20.com ecosystem. It is the first BRC20 token that offers genuine utility to its holders. The platform aims to be the top service provider for BRC20s.

The $COM token will have unique features like staking $COM tokens to earn other BRC20 tokens that launch on the platform’s original Initial Farming Offering (IFO) system.

You can read a detailed airdrop guide about farming $COM airdrop here.

Logo of BRC20 project BRC20.COM

These five BRC-20 tokens are making significant waves in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. ORDI, SATS, MUBI, TRAC, and .COM all bring something special to their respective industries.

However, it's important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Keep a close eye on these tokens and stay informed about the latest developments to make informed choices.

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