lockchain payment firm Ripple has been hit by a major hack, as uncovered by DeFi detective ZachXBT. This security incident has led to the theft of a massive amount of XRP, sparking concerns about the protocol's security measures.

Details of the Hack

Investigations into the hack revealed the theft of over 213 million XRP, amounting to more than $112 million. The stolen funds were laundered through multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including MEXC, Gate, Binance, Kraken, and others. The transactions were tracked to eight different addresses, indicating the hackers' effort to distribute and launder the stolen XRP.

Impact on XRP's Market Price

Following the news of the hack, XRP's market price experienced a significant downturn, falling to $0.5070 and then further to a low of $0.4860. This drop intensified the already declining trend of XRP, which had seen a 19% decrease over the past 30 days.

Ripple's Response and Future Measures

The response from Ripple to this security breach remains uncertain, with no official statements released yet. The crypto community is keenly awaiting Ripple’s reaction to the hack and the measures it will take to strengthen its security infrastructure.

Technical Analysis of XRP

The 1-day chart of XRP indicates a critical support level at $0.4876, which has so far prevented further decline post-hack. If this level fails, the next significant support is at $0.4686, which could be crucial in determining XRP's price trajectory in the wake of the breach.

A Challenging Moment for Ripple and XRP

The massive hack at Ripple represents a pivotal moment for the company, underscoring the importance of robust security measures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As Ripple navigates this crisis, the crypto community remains vigilant, watching how the situation unfolds and its implications for Ripple’s future and the wider digital asset market.

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