elsius Network LLC has proposed a significant settlement option for large account holders amid its ongoing bankruptcy case. This development addresses financial transactions made within 90 days prior to their bankruptcy filing, presenting a critical decision for eligible account holders.

Settlement Eligibility and Process

Eligible account holders with financial involvement exceeding $100,000, excluding certain parties and those opposed to the Plan, can participate in the settlement. They must complete and return the election form provided via email by January 25, 2024, and make their settlement payment by January 31, 2024. This process offers a pathway for resolving "Withdrawal Preference Exposure" under the Modified Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

Implications for Smaller Account Holders and Legal Considerations

Account holders with exposure of $100,000 or less are not required to take action. However, those eligible for the settlement who fail to participate may face legal actions post the Effective Date. This settlement approach aims to enhance the distribution of funds to creditors and influence the allocation process.

Critical Steps for Account Holders

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has outlined steps for Celsius customers to reclaim their assets, including updating account details for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering standards. Customers are responsible for individual transaction withdrawal fees, with each cryptocurrency having an associated initial withdrawal fee.


The Celsius Network's bankruptcy case presents crucial decisions for account holders, particularly those eligible for the proposed settlement. Their responses will significantly impact the restructuring efforts and financial resolution for all stakeholders involved.

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