he Arbitrum DAO passed a proposal to allocate significant resources towards expanding its gaming sector. 225 million ARB tokens valued at approximately $222 million were committed over the next three years through a newly created Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP) program. This ambitious initiative demonstrates Arbitrum's dedication to fostering innovative growth within the rapidly developing realm of web3 games.

Graph showing Arbitrum growth
Arbitrum DAO approves $222 million for Gaming Program

The Gaming Catalyst Program

The GCP will be managed by a specialized five-member council with backgrounds spanning gaming, venture capital, data analysis and DAO governance tasked with overseeing the program. This dedicated team will operate on a budget of $25 million annually, requiring further DAO approval for any excess expenditures. 

Funds are primarily dedicated to supporting game publishers through various mechanisms. Early-stage developers can apply for grants of up to 500,000 ARB, while established studios are encouraged to seek co-investments integrating value-sharing elements. The remainder will promote infrastructure through bounties and cover operational costs.

Targeting Engaged Communities

They aim to stimulate activity across the Arbitrum, Orbit and Stylus gaming ecosystems. This targets expanding the engaged communities that have been established on the network.

Growth metrics indicate the potential impact of this investment. Arbitrum saw a 30% monthly spike in daily active addresses to 710,000, cementing its lead over competing L2 protocols. Total value locked also surpassed $4 billion, underscoring users' long-term commitment.

Image showing active addresses on Arbitrum One
Active Addresses on Arbitrum

This massive pledge demonstrates Arbitrum's dedication to realizing the opportunities within gaming's accelerating transition to web3. With focused development support, the network hopes to capture growing user interest and become a leader in this sector. Sustained growth will create further virtuous cycles, attracting additional talented studios and players to the Arbitrum community.

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