We’ve discovered the next HUGE and CONFIRMED airdrop which has a valuation of $350M.

We have VERY LIMITED TIME to participate so the earlier you get in, the bigger the airdrop you will receive.

Let’s start bridging and gaming over on ZKasino.

What is ZKasino ($ZKAS)?

ZKasino is a hyperchain infrastructure layer powered by zkSync and @Eigen DA. The mission is simple. Create the ultimate casino network where users can Play and Earn and developers can easily build and launch games with no code.

Welcome to the Casino of Web3.

The #ZKasino is home to various games where you can play and bet with crypto. Currently, you can play games like Coin Flip, Slots, Video Poker, Mines and many more. ZKasino has already obtained over 39K users with $313.35M wagered… it’s safe to say people are having fun.

ZKasino Token ($ZKAS)

Soon to power the entire casino, we have the native token $ZKAS which is going to be airdropped to all early ZKasino users. The $ZKAS token will be used for gas on the network, governance within the ZKasino DAO, and more utilities which we will find out very soon.

With ZKasino achieving a $350M valuation, the $ZKAS airdrop is set to be ENORMOUS and we have until April 15th to qualify for the airdrop. The earlier you get in, the more $ZKAS you earn, so I guess we should stop wasting time and dive straight into it!

ZKasino Airdrop Guide

ZKasino_io is using a Bridge-To-Earn model to distribute $ZKAS tokens. It works very simply:

Follow this Link to the official ZKasino Website (referral)

Step 1- Prepare $ETH on Mainnet

Step 2- Deposit $ETH over on the ZKasino Bridge

Step 3- $ETH on ZKasino accumulates $ZKAS tokens

Step 4- Play and wait for $ZKAS

Remember, the deadline to bridge and earn the $ZKAS airdrop is on the 15th of April. The earlier and more $ETH you deposit, the more $ZKAS you will accumulate. It only takes a few clicks to get started. 10% (888.88M+) of the supply will be airdropped once the bridge closes…

At the moment, each $ZKAS token is valued at $0.1537 per token, which means over $136M is being distributed to early users. This will be historical and will initiate the CasinoFi narrative which will be led by none other than ZKasino.

Let the games begin…

Speaking of games, while we wait for the $ZKAS airdrop, we could have some fun and start playing the first games on the ZKasino platform. Each game requires us to wager some tokens, so if you’re one for PVP, Casino and sports betting, this could be the hub for you.

Conclusion & ZKasino Roadmap

Exciting times are coming for ZKasino and the entire community. While the Roadmap hasn’t set dates, here are a few cool things we can expect:

-$ZKAS Airdrop

-P2E Games

-Gasless Bets

-MORE Casino Games

-Sports Betting


-So much MORE!

GameFi, CasinoFi and DeFi will collaborate into one mega narrative upon the launch of $ZKAS. We will see the introduction of many new games and protocols launching on ZKasino, the ultimate hyperchain in existence…

ZKasino Links

ZKasino Website (Referral)

ZKasino X


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