penAI's CEO, Sam Altman, is among the top-tier backers of the Worldcoin project. What does this mean for the world of cryptocurrency?

Understanding Worldcoin

Sam Altman was the leader of the Y Combinator, and he is now at the head of OpenAI, advocating this whole venture that is Worldcoin. The idea behind Worldcoin’s mission is to give everybody the access and opportunity to participate in the global economy, no matter one’s geographical location, nationality or else. Worldcoin's vision has caught attention, with significant investments from major entities. However, Challenges remain, especially regarding the verification process via the orbs.

Worldcoin focuses on "proof of personhood," using biometric devices, the orbs, for verification. This allows individuals to showcase their human identity and earn WLD tokens in return.

The Intriguing Worldcoin Orb

The “Orb” was unveiled by the Worldcoin team to make their vision a reality. This fresh inoperative and futuristic device creates a unique biometric identifier by just scanning the users eyes. Not only is it a technological phenomenon, but it is a sure way for Worldcoin to distribute their tokens fairly.

The "proof of personhood" using orbs ensures online interactions are from genuine humans, potentially paving the way for AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI) initiatives.

Verifying with World ID

If you would like to join the Worldcoin community, you will need to verify your World ID through an appointment in designated cities or countries. More details in their official website. https://worldcoin.org/find-orb.

Worldcoin’s official application can be downloaded on the majority of application platforms. To avoid scams, make sure you are downloading the official one.

Worldcoin and the US Market

Although it clearly aims to be accessible to all, there are still regulatory challenges that make it challenging to obtain Worldcoin if you are in the US. Like potential SEC interventions that have slowed down its full global release.

Vitalik Buterin’s Take on Worldcoin

Ethereum’s co-founder acknowledges the potential of Worldcoin's biometric techniques. However, he also raised concerns about privacy matters, and the irreversible consequences of data breaches in biometrics.

Purchasing Your First Worldcoin

It is not complicated to acquire WLD tokens. It can be done through Binance. Yet, you will need to complete the KYC formalities before being able to acquire anything, like in all secure exchanges.

Moreover it is important to be aware of  scammers, especially in the crypto world where there is always something new. To avoid any misfortune, remember that the official sticker for Worldcoin is $WLD.


Worldcoin offers a unique perspective in the cryptocurrency world, backed by industry experts. The ‘’Proof of personhood’’ using the token's reward system provides promising solutions in the world of AI. However, While aiming for global inclusivity, potential investors should be wary of challenges, especially data security. This being said, always stay diligent.

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