icrypt is placing the power of passive income in the palm of everyone’s hands. Earn money from your excess phone data by sharing your hotspot with anyone worldwide.

Are you ready to make your phone a money-making machine?

Great! Let’s explore the Wicrypt protocol!

What is Wicrypto (WNT)?

First to ever do it, Wicrypt (WNT) enables normal people like me and you, as well as businesses to take control and monetise mobile data. Which as we know, was fully controlled by centralised companies, until now when Wicrypt has broken the barricade!

Essentially, Wicrypt is a decentralised internet service provider, where the community provides the power and earns from it! Alongside the internet power, Wicrypt has developed a storage network, which is run by micro-nodes. This is what you call innovation.

How Does Wicrypt (WNT) Work?

The entire network runs on a framework of routers known as micro-nodes and of course the connected digital devices from the community such as mobile phones, computers, smart devices and practically anything that can connect to the internet.

When a user provides their data to random people around the world Wicrypt guarantees the anonymity of your location and internet service provider (ISP) and enables end-to-end encryption of user data. Wicrypt is creating a permanent and decentralised portal to the internet.

Getting started is so easy. Just download the app on your phone or chosen device, create your hotspot network, and choose how much $WNT to charge for your data. Now, share it with the world, sit back and monitor your network usage and the solid stream of passive income!

Wicrypt (WNT) Features - Sourced from http://wicrypt.com
Wicrypt Features

Why Use Wicrypt (WNT)?

Why do people need to use hotspot networks? Well, it’s simple. Mobile data can be expensive, weak in certain locations or completely unavailable. With Wicrypt, anyone anywhere can join a hotspot network just by paying $WNT to the host of that network (can be free sometimes!).

If you have spare internet that you don’t use, why not rent it out to someone who does? Alternatively, you can set up a micro-node to support the network which also earns $WNT. Not to mention that you can also stake your $WNT tokens to earn extra rewards on top of your rewards…

Wicrypt Network Token (WNT)

Powering the entire network is the Wicrypt network token known as $WNT. As we are all aware, $WNT is the form of payment used for rewarding mobile data providers, but $WNT is also used to participate in governance and can be staked for extra rewards by securing the network!


At the time of writing, $WNT is priced at $0.44 with a micro market cap of $11.5M and recently created an ATH of $0.61. $WNT hasn’t been on the markets for long and to say the least, we are still super early. With some exchange listings, we could easily see $WNT move up from here!

Become your own internet provider with Wicrypt and reap the rewards.

(Note: This article is sponsored by Wicrypt)

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