re you ready to kick-start your idea with the superior Web3 accelerator with access to over 500+ high-profile investors and in-house experts to assist with all the struggles?

Let me introduce you to the Odyssey.

What is The Odyssey?

Making your idea a reality on the blockchain can be tricky without the correct resources, knowledge and network. Because of this, most new Web3 protocols launch with little to no experience and generally end up failing.

Set yourself up for success with The Odyssey.

The Odyssey is hosting a remote 3-month Web3 accelerator program where developers, teams and entrepreneurs will learn everything they need to know to launch a successful Web3 protocol, ranging from marketing, tokenomics modelling, networking and more!

Learn from the best. There are over 30 leading minds mentoring you 1 to 1, every step of the way. In-house experts will provide constant feedback and support throughout your 3-month journey. With access to over 500 investors, securing your investment has never been easier.

The Odyssey has landed some serious partnerships with major Web3 protocols such as AvaLaunch, GMX, dYdX, Nomiks and more. They’re all looking for the next big thing, but are you going to be the one to introduce it to them?

The Odyssey Web3 Accelerator Program

If you’re serious about launching your Web3 idea, then listen closely because now is the time to take action. Let me briefly guide you through your three-month journey with The Odyssey accelerator program:

The 3-month program is broken down into six stages/modules.

Module 1 - Make strong relationships with the other participants. Your network is your net worth.

Module 2 - Work 1 to 1 with the Odyssey Team to address all of your project needs.

Module 3 - Get mentorship from VCs, CXOs, launchpads and major crypto protocols (e.g. @dYdX)

Module 4 - Prep for the big investment days and improve your 3-minute presentation.

Module 5 - Secure uncapped investments from Odyssey’s 100+ Venture Capitalist partners.

Module 6 - Secure up to $100K from The Odyssey.

Only the top 10 projects will be able to join the next batch, however, even rejected applicants will get constructive feedback to help them sign up for the next batch of applicants! Either way, it’s a win-win for signing up and applying!

In the last accelerator programme hosted by The Odyssey, we saw the inception of two powerful and innovative protocols known as Movement Labs and Kinetex Network which managed to raise a whopping $1M of investments!

Change to 5th gear, drive your Web3 protocol to success with the free The Odyssey accelerator program, and sign up now! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sign up here!

Official The Odyssey Links

The Odyssey Website

The Odyssey Application Form

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