Just moving into the Top 100, we have the AIOZ Network which is building the most rewarding DePin network for the entirety of #Web3.

The question is, what makes AIOZ Network so superior to other DePin protocols?

It’s time to start pulling the thread…

What is AIOZ Network ($AIOZ)?

AIOZ Network is a Cosmos-built and EVM-compatible DePin network for Web3 AI, Storage, Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD) content that is on the mission to reward users for their computational power with $AIOZ tokens, the fuel driving the entire ecosystem.

The AIOZ blockchain is a Layer 1 blockchain that merges the powers of both Cosmos and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that enables asset and data transfer between a variety of blockchain ecosystems, creating a truly interoperable network.

Alongside the blockchain is the AIOZ dCDN platform with AI integration, which is capable of achieving unlimited bandwidth. This is Web3’s superior solution that dApps can use for affordable file storage and media streaming, all powered by the community of AIOZ Edge Node operators.

AIOZ Nodes

Before we dive into the services offered by AIOZ, let us briefly dive into the benefits of operating an AIOZ node! Setting up a node requires users to contribute their spare computing resources to the network and in return node operators are rewarded with $AIOZ tokens!

AIOZ Web3 Services

Nodes are the driving force behind AIOZ Web3 services, such as:

  • AIOZ Web3 Storage enables the cheap, secure and reliable distribution of cloud object storage.
  • AIOZ W3IPFS is a file-sharing system that aims to make the web faster and safer for everyone!
  • AIOZ W3AI enables developers and businesses to utilise the native AI computing models and integrated AI-as-a-Service.
  • AI W3Stream will be the new home of video streaming online, where anyone can upload and share videos to generate revenue ($AIOZ).

AIOZ 2024 Roadmap

AIOZ Network has laid out a comprehensive roadmap for 2024 and we can expect to see some major upgrades, integrations and newly built products and services such as the upcoming AIOZ DEX, Gravity Bridge and so much more!

AIOZ Token

The native token, $AIOZ is used as the gas token to interact with dApps on the network but also has two other primary utilities. $AIOZ is used to stake and secure the network and is also used as the rewards token for both staking and node operators!


At the time of writing, the $AIOZ token is priced at $0.79 with a market cap of $864M, ranking it the 99th largest crypto by market cap. In the previous bull run, $AIOZ peaked at an ATH of $2.67 and since November 2023, it has steadily been making its way back…

After 6 years of development, finally, the world is ready for one of DePin’s most rewarding networks, the AIOZ Network. According to sources, DePin is projected to reach a projected valuation of $3.5T by 2028. Now just imagine if $AIOZ was valued at just 1% of that…

Official AIOZ Network Links

AIOZ Network Website

AIOZ Network X

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