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Reaktor, the Layer 1 network utilising AI and GameFi to revitalise the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism.

What is Reaktor (RKR)?

Reaktor is a unique Layer 1 Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain that is on the mission to change how the world uses its digital devices by making software applications such as video games, VPNs and even the device free for all! How does it all work?

How Does Reaktor (RKR) Work?

Digital devices and applications can be expensive, but imagine playing video games and running your VPN or audio software all for free. This is made possible with the almighty uN-Miner that enables users to mine crypto while using their PC, Xbox, Mobile or any compatible device!

The money-generating and game-changing uN-Miner allows players to obtain in-game currencies at no cost. How? Because the games on your PC or console already use the same technology used for mining crypto. I bet you didn’t know that… well, now you do!

Running the miner doesn’t cost a single cent as your PlayStation 5, console or PC is already connected to the power grid. The uN-Miner will simply mine gRKR tokens in the background while you play and you will pay for all the power and electricity your device is consuming!

RKR tokens are the tokens that we will be mining permanently in the future, however, the current tokens to be mined are gRKRK until the Reaktor Layer 1 blockchain goes live. When it does, we will be able to trade gRKR for RKR.

To prove that this technology can work and users around the world can play their favourite games for free while earning a stream of income, they have created the awesome Web3 game the Minions Of Steel (MoS), which is a real-time strategy, first-person shooter that is live now!

Reaktor Token (RKR)

The fuel powering the entire network, miner and ecosystem of AI and robotics is the RKR token which has utilities such as being used as a medium of exchange, to enter and earn rewards in MoS tournaments, governance, lottery and so much more!


The Reaktor blockchain is set to launch at some point in 2024. With this, we will see the implementation of AI technology that will prevent rugging activity within the network, integration of EVM-compatible dApps and much more! Big moves are coming…

When writing, the Reaktor coin (RKR) is priced at $0.0000277 with a minuscule market cap of $10M. RKR is a new coin that has yet to experience a bull run. Once we see some CEX listings and more development, who knows how high RKR can go…

If you want to delve deeper into the Reaktor network and check out some rough price predictions for the Reaktor token (RKR), then this YouTube video may be of interest to you.

Official Reaktor & Minions Of Steel Links

Reaktor Website

Reaktor X

Minions Of Steel Website

Minions Of Steel X


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