Memecoins are driving billions of dollars worth of volume into Solana every single day.

Almost locking in $1B in TVL and almost $100B in Total Trading Volume, today we’re going to deep dive into Solana’s go-to DEX known as Raydium.

What is Raydium ($RAY)?

Raydium ($RAY) is the leading AMM decentralised exchange (DEX) within the Solana ($SOL) ecosystem that enables users to swap, trade, earn yield, pool and even participate in IDOs. In this thread, we will cover everything Raydium has to offer.

An Automated Market Maker (AMM) enables users to trade/swap Crypto or provide liquidity and create liquidity pools (LPs). This is the core of Solana’s liquidity and token exchange, so firstly let’s start with the benefits of swapping on Raydium.

Raydium Swap

Raydium is home to all tokens on the Solana network, enabling users to experience blazing speed and ultra-cheap swapping/trading. Depending on the pool you swap from will determine the fees which can range from 0.01-1% (excluding network fees).

Raydium Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Providers can earn trading fees on the Liquidity Pools they deposit into and earn incredible APRs that can exceed 3,000% depending on the pair. All of Solana’s biggest tokens can be used in LPs such as $BONK, $WIF, $PYTH and many more.

Raydium ($RAY) Staking

Those who are looking to earn passive income from their idle $RAY tokens can Stake on the Raydium and earn up to 5.32% APR. At the moment, over 30.96M $RAY tokens ($69.5M) have been staked on the platform. Users also can withdraw their staked $RAY at any time!

Acceleraytor - Raydium Launchpad

Want to get in on early on new Solana projects? Then welcome to the Raydium Launchpad known as the Acceleraytor. On the launchpad, you can deposit into pools to receive an allocation of upcoming tokens before they go live.

At the moment there are no live or upcoming projects on the Acceleraytor launchpad, however, we’ve seen some successful token launches in the past. Star Atlas, DeFi Land, Zebec and many others have started their journey with Raydium and they are going stronger than ever.

Raydium Token ($RAY)

Native to the Raydium DEX is the token $RAY which is used primarily for the governance of the protocol however is also used to provide liquidity, stake to earn rewards and participate in the AcceleRaytor launchpad!


At the time of writing, $RAY is currently priced at $2.22 with a market cap of $576.72M. In the last bull run in September 2021, $RAY peaked at an ATH of $16.93. With Solana thriving in full force once again, the $RAY token could very well reach or exceed its previous ATH!

Raydium has been processing all the insane volume from memecoins on Solana and that will not change anytime soon. Even protocols like Jupiter Exchange, the leading DEX aggregator for Solana have integrated Raydium to provide ultra-cheap swaps for its users!

Raydium Links

Raydium Website

Raydium X

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