Before the RWA narrative fully kicks off, it’s only right that we take a deep dive into RWA’s finest, Ondo Finance.

The tokenization of real-world assets is about to accelerate at full speed and we ask you one thing, are you strapped in and ready for the journey UP?

What is Ondo Finance?

Ondo Finance which was first created in 2022 is on a mission to reshape traditional finance by utilizing blockchain technology to tokenize real-world assets and offer institutional-grade financial products and services to the entire world.

BlackRock and JP Morgan have taken a plunge into the Ondo Finance ecosystem and other major names in finance. Ondo’s vision has the backing of enormous VCs such as Coinbase, Pantera Capital and most notably the Founders Fund who back major companies such as SpaceX and more!

How Does Ondo Finance Work?

Ondo Finance provides convenient, low-risk and easy access to on-chain #RWA bond markets. For investors, it’s extremely easy. Sign up, complete the KYC verification and buy $USDY, a yield-generating stablecoin available on Ethereum, Solana, Mantle and Sui Network.

$USDY currently offers a variable interest rate of 5.2% which changes every month and has a TVL of over $249.5M. The TVL includes a variety of carefully chosen top-tier assets, strategies and companies including ETFs managed by BlackRock and Pimco…

Ondo Ecosystem

As part of the vision, Ondo Finance is creating the most superior RWA ecosystem by connecting, integrating and building the very best protocols that will give the masses the power to leverage real-world assets, on-chain. This is a mission that can’t be completed alone.

Within the ecosystem are many popular protocols such as Jupiter Exchange, Chainlink, Aptos and more. Also worth mentioning is Flux Finance, the native protocol built and governed by Ondo, a lending marketplace for security tokens!

Empowering the community even further, Ondo has implemented a points system within the Ecosystem, where users can stack up points by utilizing Ondo-built/integrated products and services. Very soon, users with Ondo Points will earn handsome rewards…

$ONDO Token

The $ONDO token is the governance token of both Ondo DAO and even Flux Finance, which many are unaware of. $ONDO is used to vote and create proposals within both protocols and has an initial token supply of 10B tokens, with no planned inflation.


At the time of writing, $ONDO is priced at $1.23 with a market cap of $1.7B, ranking $ONDO as the 59th largest crypto by market cap. The $ONDO token has only been live on the market since January 2024 and has recently created its ATH of $1.33.

According to a post on Binance, the RWA Market Cap is estimated to reach a valuation of $16T by 2030. $ONDO is ready for the RWA narrative to swing in full force. The $ONDO token has yet to experience a bull run, so it will be very exciting to see how far it can go!

Official Ondo Finance Links

Ondo Finance Website

Ondo Finance X

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