Web3 is getting an upgrade.

One protocol is merging the boundless liquidity from both DEXs & CEXs to create the most superior liquidity layer for every single Layer 1 and Layer 2 network in existence…

Let me introduce you to the almighty Lumia...

What is Lumia?

Lumia is the first ever Hyper Liquid EigenLayer Layer 2 Restake Rollup that is on the mission to build the ultimate liquidity hub for all forms of exchanges, businesses, networks or applications whether they originated from Web2 or Web3!

To build this masterpiece of a network, Lumia merged the mightiest modular technologies such as the Polygon CDK, EigenDA, AggLayer and Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) infrastructure with unique integrated features that’ll benefit both user and developer.

Why Lumia?

At the core of this amazing Layer 2 network is the Lumia Stream, which will be the cross-chain liquidity layer which has already integrated many leading protocols such as Linea, 1inch, the BNB Chain and many more that will have access to an endless supply of liquidity.

The purpose of Lumia Stream is to aggregate liquidity from major CEXs into the world of DeFi, which will enable Web3 protocols to experience ultimate interoperability by gaining access to limitless cross-chain liquidity solutions.

Lumia is looking to take a big piece of the $10T Real World Assets (RWA) industry by integrating Polygon Midas and PolygonID to provide optional KYC for RWAs and corporations to meet regulations while guaranteeing the utmost privacy and superior security for its users.

Lumia Token ($LUMIA/$ORN)

For those who are unaware, the Orion token ($ORN) has merged with Lumia to create a new and more powerful token known as $LUMIA, but as it stands we are still trading as $ORN until the migration and swap take place!

Wondering why the merge? Well, both Lumia and Orion have combined forces to complete the same mission of building the most powerful and interoperable liquidity network that will be used by the entirety of Web3, whether a user or developer!

The $ORN token has been blessed by being the dual-utility token for both Orion and Lumia. As $ORN becomes $LUMIA, all Governance Stakers of $LUMIA and Liquidity Node providers will now benefit and earn rewards distributed by the network.


We have never seen a network like this before. Innovation is an understatement. Lumia is going to be the core liquidity network of Web3 as Chainlink ($LINK) is for Oracles and the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance ($ASI) is for AI blockchain technology.

At the time of writing, $ORN is currently priced at $2.23 with a small market cap of $76.1M. In the previous bull run of 2021, $ORN hit an ATH of $29.29. As we see the launch of the Layer 2 and more incredible partnerships underway, could it be time for an exponential pump?

Lumia & Orion Links

Lumia Website

Lumia X

Orion Website

Orion X


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