Introducing Web3’s highly anticipated and most rewarding RWA crypto gem, Lingo.

Soon, Lingo will be hosting an airdrop campaign and presale for the $LINGO token, so it’s safe to say that we’re extremely early anon…

Are you ready for this?

What is Lingo ($LINGO)?

Lingo is the first-ever gamified RWA-powered platform that is on a mission to create the world’s largest rewards ecosystem by leveraging real-world assets such as real estate to reward its loyal community of $LINGO users, across 80 countries.

With over $3B worth of assets currently under management, Lingo is fuelling up to become the most rewarding ecosystem that will consistently generate value for its community, no matter the market conditions. The big question is, how does Lingo generate income?

How Does Lingo Work?

Using initiative, Lingo uses a portion of the transactional fees to buy properties that generate rental income of which 100% is used to buy back from the fixed supply of $LINGO each month. The bigger the community, the more properties and the bigger the rewards will be.

$LINGO holders and users will receive loyalty points which are used to redeem incredible rewards in the real world. Thanks to Lingo’s powerful partnership with Fizen App, you can unlock gift cards and spend them across 3K+ major brands and over 100K hotels around the world!

Tell me, have you ever heard of such a rewarding token? Imagine the amount you will save all year by utilising your $LINGO loyalty points. With access to companies such as Netflix, Ikea, Uber, Spotify and more, why would you ever need to spend cash? Let $LINGO pay instead…

Lingo Airdrop

As we said, we are very early to the Lingo platform and very soon we will see the first $LINGO airdrop take place. At the moment, there are a few things we can do to qualify and secure our early positions. It won’t cost you a single penny to get started.

Lingo Discord & Galxe

The first thing to do is join the Lingo Discord (found on the Lingo LinkTree) and become an active community member. Second, we want to join the Lingo Galxe community, complete quests and stack up as many Galxe points which could translate into $LINGO coins.

Lingo Galxe

Lingo LinkTree

Lingo Zealy

Finally, we have Zealy where we can complete easy and free quests that will level us up in the Lingo Zealy community. We want to achieve a high level and stack up points which could be another $LINGO airdrop eligibility requirement.

Lingo Zealy

Lingo Coin Presale & Private Sale

Alternatively, we have the $LINGO presale which is yet to be announced or you can fill out this form below if you want to participate in the Private Sale, but only those who can contribute to the $LINGO ecosystem will gain access.

Lingo Private Sale Form (Limited Time Only)

Lingo Links

Lingo Website

Lingo LinkTree

Lingo X


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