Jupiter Exchange, the number one destination on the Solana network has consistently made headlines for dominating the leading Ethereum DEX, Uniswap by volume.

We’ve decided to land our rocket over on Jupiter, so it’s time to put on the spacesuit and start exploring.

What is Jupiter Exchange?

Jupiter Exchange which first launched in 2021 is the leading DEX aggregator on the Solana network which has flourished into one of the most powerful DeFi protocols in existence. Jupiter Exchange offers more than a superior trading platform, so let’s highlight everything Jupiter offers.

How Does Jupiter Exchange Work?

The Jupiter Exchange’s primary function is the DEX aggregator that allows users to find the best trades across the entire Solana ecosystem. Users can swap tokens on Solana using Jupiter Exchange to find the cheapest, fastest and most effective trade possible!

Other than the simple and sweet swapping on Jupiter Exchange, users can utilise ultimate features such as Limit Ordering which enables you to set a buying price on any token in the Solana network with minuscule platform fees of 0.1%!

Another superior feature that Jupiter introduced, is the DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) mechanism which allows users to slowly invest into any token automatically. Instead of having to manually DCA into a cryptocurrency, why not set it and forget it with Jupiter Exchanges’s DCA feature?

$JUP Token

The native token of the platform $JUP was airdropped to over 900K loyal users, with a value of $360M worth of tokens. This is not the last airdrop, as every January, also known as JUPuary, the Jupiter Exchange will airdrop more tokens to its loyal community.

$JUP, which primarily serves as the governance token can be used to Stake within the Jupiter DAO. By Staking $JUP, you will receive 75% of the Launchpad Fees as well as rewards for locking up your tokens. Projects that launch their tokens through the launchpad mostly leave a small allocation for $JUP stakers, enabling them to receive airdrops from 3rd party protocols!

$WEN is the most famous launch and airdrop to come from the Jupiter Launchpad as of yet. However, we are yet to see many new protocols join the list, especially the legendary Liquid Staking protocol, Sanctum which is launching the $CLOUD token!


At the time of writing, $JUP is priced at $0.98 with a market cap of $1.33B, currently ranking it the 68th largest crypto by market cap. $JUP has seen an ATH of $2.04 at the beginning of the year, yet the token has not experienced a bull run yet.

With Solana season and the bull run just around the corner, $JUP could break astronomical heights and statistics seem to back this evidence. Jupiter is consistently breaking new records with transactions and volume and who knows, $JUP could be the next $UNI of the coming bull run which did well over a 12x in the last bull run of 2021…

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