lluvium is an open-world fantasy game built on the Ethereum blockchain that has been in development since 2020 and is set for full release, this year in 2023. Could Illuvium single-handedly initiate the GameFi narrative?

Worth mentioning, is the enormous partnership between Immutable and Illuvium. Immutable is a game-focused Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network, which is perfect for Illuvium, as it will allow for faster and ZERO-COST transactions.

Most games on the blockchain are 2D and similar to games back in the early 2000s, however, Illuvium, on the other hand, has a fully immersive 3D world! The Illuvium platform currently has 4 games, however, most are currently in either Alpha/Beta versions.

What is Illuvium (ILV)?

Illuvium Games

Let’s dive through the surreal variety of games, but firstly you must understand that there are two types of games. These are known as Supply Games and Demand Games. Down below, we will explain the difference between the two:

Illuvium Games

Supply Games

Supply Games are simply games that will contribute to Fuel regeneration. Fuel is essentially your reward currency for earning within the game ecosystem.

These Supply Games allow players of the game to craft items, collect resources and create profitable and rare assets which can be used or traded within the IlluviDEX Marketplace.

Currently, there are two Supply Games known as Zero and Overworld:

Illuvium Zero

Are you a fan of games like Tropico and SimCity? If so, Illuvium Zero is the ultimate blockchain city-builder game where users can buy land, build on it, harvest resources and much more! The game is currently in Alpha but will launch on both Mobile & Desktop devices!

Illuvium Overworld

By far the most anticipated Illuvium game… Explore the beautiful open world with your jet pack, capture wild Illuvials, mine resources and assist your crash-landed crew mates to survive and thrive!

The map looks unbelievable, there are over 7 regions to explore and this has to be the best showcase of gaming graphics that I have ever seen on the blockchain! You can currently register to play the Beta, which I will also be doing…

Demand Games

Opposite to Supply Games are the Demand Games which essentially are played purely to consume the Fuel and items you collect from the Supply Games. Demand Games are only playable if you have sufficient resources such as Fuel and Items. The Supply and Demand format is put in place to create a balanced ecosystem!

Illuvium Beyond

If you love YuGiOh then you’ll love Illuvium Beyond, where users are competing to collect and craft the most powerful cards known as Illuvitars. There are over 300 collections and all have different rarities! (Out now)

Illuvium Arena

Coming soon is an Arena near you, where you can build your perfect team of Illuvials to battle against like-minded foes in this Autobattler game! There will be three game modes, but you can only currently play the Survival mode which is in Beta!

IlluviDEX (Marketplace)

Home to the Illuvium ecosystem is their very own, IlluviDEX where users can buy, sell and trade Land, Illuvitars (cards), accessories and soon come Illuvials (the monsters). All items are NFTs and are traded with $ETH!

For those looking to snatch up land, T1 has a floor price of 0.19 $ETH with prices of T4 & T5 exceeding 6.36 $ETH at the time of writing! For a game that is currently in beta, it has done exceptionally well! Just to note, there are 20,000 plots of land with over 7,976 owners.



Inhabiting the wild planet are unique creatures known as Illuvials. In the first Illuvial collection, there are 150 different collectable Illuvials.

Illuvium Illuvials

Illuvium Dual-Token Economy

Just like most Web3 game ecosystems, Illuvium will have two currencies. One is known as $ILV and the other will be known as $FUEL. Let me explain further:

Illuvium ILV Token

For those wondering, the $ILV token is the native token to the ecosystem, however, is used strictly to either participate in Governance where users can vote on any future proposals or users can stake their $ILV tokens for extra rewards!

$FUEL Token

Once the game is fully released, we will see the launch of the $FUEL token which is the native currency that is earned from playing Supply games. $FUEL will enable you to play Demand Games, buy/sell/trade in-game items, upgrade Land plots, gain access to services and much more!

How to buy Illuvium (ILV)

The $ILV token is available on the Ethereum and Solana networks and is also available on 99.99% of major centralised exchanges. Soon come, we will see it available on the Immutable zkEVM network, powered by Polygon.

There are two main ways to buy $ILV, but you will always go through a centralised exchange (CEX). Here are the options:

Option 1- Centralised Exchange

We recommend using one of these centralised exchanges when buying or trading the $ILV token. Here is a list of CEXs with a few delicious promotions:

  • Binance - The most popular CEX in the world
  • BitGet - Trade on BitGet and receive 0% Deposit Cashback + $5,000 DEPOSIT BONUSES
  • Coinbase - Spend $100 and Get $10 back!

Option 2 - DeFi Wallet & Decentralised Exchange

To get started you will need a DeFi wallet and make sure to secure your seed phrase with a hardware wallet (Trezor):

If you are buying $ILV through your DeFi wallet, we recommend using the Ethereum network which requires $ETH tokens for gas fees. Alternatively, you can use the Solana network which is also cheap in gas fees ($SOL). If you haven’t set up the Ethereum or Solana networks, you can follow our Youtube tutorials down below. Here are the essential links:


At the time of writing, $ILV is priced at $39.87 with a market cap of over $142M. $ILV has seen an ATH of $2,868.95 which is extremely far from its current price. You may think it’s impossible to reach once again, but check out the tokenomics…

In the future, we will be making plenty of Gameplay and Tutorial videos for the Illuvium ecosystem. If you’re interested, you can Subscribe and check out my YouTube Channel which will be linked down below.

Official Illuvium Links

Illuvium Twitter

Illuvium Website

Immutable + Illuvium

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