ameFi is about to get real juicy. Grapes is the next big NFT and GameFi protocol that you can get in early on. Grapes is backed by legendary game software company Animoca Brands and has managed to raise $9M in the $GRAPE presale, double what it was originally meant to be!

What is Grapes?

Grapes, first born in early 2023 has developed the ultimate GameFi and NFT ecosystem that cannot be ignored. We’re very early, with the chance to grab the GRAPE token before it gets into the hands of millions.

Grapes currently has an exciting and addictive ecosystem of five mobile games and one native to the world of Roblox, all of which revolve around their NFT collection and soon the newly introduced GRAPE token.

Grapes Games

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Grapes games:

Grapes Games - Grape Juice, Grape Solitaire, Grape Run, Deckheads, Juice Tycoon, Grape Islandsd
Grapes Games

Grape Juice

Grape Juice Is possibly the most popular game with over 100k downloads on the Google Play Store, let alone Apple’s App Store. Connect rows and columns of grapes to win delicious prizes and compete against hundreds of thousands of like-minded gamers from all around the world!

Grape Solitaire

Play the most popular solo card game in the world, Grape Solitaire! This free game rewards players with unique NFTs and soon come, potentially the GRAPE token… Play every day to unlock new challenges and battle on a competitive leaderboard!

Juice Tycoon

Time to get down to business. Juice Tycoon is an addictive building and management simulation game where you will start with a small juice cart and work your way up to becoming the next Tropicana. The question is, do you have what it takes to be number 1?

Grape Run

Grape Run, think Temple Run but against real people in real-time and with CASH PRIZES. In this game, the skills pay the bills. You’ll have to run, dodge, grab cash and compete in thrilling crash course maps. It’s simple, if you win, you take home the cash prizes!


This is a family-favourite trivia game which is ranked #115 in Family on the Apple App Store! Deckheads is a popular party game where one person puts the phone to his head, which will have a word he must try and guess from the others around him trying to explain it.

Grape Island

Built on the @Roblox platform is Grape Island. If you’re looking for a daunting and exciting adventure, this is the place for you. Explore an island of grapes and bosses, all within the Roblox Multiverse!

What an incredible array of mobile games, am I right or am I right?

Grapes NFT Collection

Grapes is reviving NFT utility. Their collection of 3,333 GRAPE NFTs is connected to every aspect of the protocol, including gaming, animated series, merchandise and more. Every owner of a GRAPE NFT will be rewarded with commercial success from the entire protocol!

Your GRAPE NFT can also be Staked to earn rewards while it is sitting idle in your wallet! GRAPE NFTs reward users with Grape Bunches and the longer you Stake it, the more Bunches you will earn!

If you want to Buy a Grapes NFT, you can find them on Opensea and the Blur NFT Marketplaces.

Grapes NFT Collection - Rarest Grapes NFTs
Grapes NFT Collection

GRAPE Token Public Raffle Sale

If you want to get in early, you have one last chance. The presale is over but luckily Grapes is doing a Public Sale Raffle to win GRAPE tokens! On the 19th of December, you can buy up to 10 tickets.


Wondering if Grapes will be successful? Then you would be happy to know that the two founders come from incredible backgrounds (inc. Square Enix) that dominated the Web2 Mobile gaming space. Just to mention a few, Lara Croft, Final Fantasy, Space Invaders and many more…

Official Grapes Links

Grapes Website

Grapes X

$GRAPE Public Sale

Animoca Brands Website


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