loki Inu FLOKI was first launched as a meme coin in June 2021 by an anonymous team and since then has taken over Twitter from Elon Musk (JOKE) and grown to become one of the largest ecosystems in decentralised finance.

The Floki token was originally born on the Ethereum network when the meme coin first launched. After a month, Floki rebranded, moved away from being just a meme coin and launched on the BNB Chain, the true home for Valhalla.

They have created an incredible ecosystem of DeFi products that provides the FLOKI token with many utilities.

What is Floki Inu (FLOKI)?

Floki Ecosystem

Possibly the greatest ecosystem that spawned from a meme coin. Let’s take a dive into the Valhalla ecosystem:


FlokiFi is one of Floki’s greatest innovations as it invites protocols to securely lock up tokens, NFTs and even Multi-tokens across 19 major blockchains. FlokiFi currently has over $7.9M TVL (Total Value Locked). More products are coming to FlokiFi in the future.

Transactional fees that are earned on FlokIFi are converted into FLOKI tokens which are then distributed as so:

75% - Fees go to Treasury

25% - Fees buy back and burn automatically after each lock.

Why is FlokiFi needed though?

Well, the overall DeFi industry is known to be full of rug pulls, scams and bad actors. FlokiFi was created to prevent as many scams from entering the space.

The FlokiFi locker allows for any DeFi protocols to lock and vest their fungible tokens, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Multi-Tokens and Liquidity Pool tokens (LP Tokens).

FlokiFi Locker

Floki Valhalla Metaverse

Enter the Floki Valhalla Metaverse, a P2E game where you can explore the open-world environment alone or in a clan with friends, battle against foes, get a ship and Raid islands or farm and cultivate resources peacefully!

The Valhalla Metaverse is currently in the Testnet stage, but that won’t stop you from playing and it’s completely free right now. If you’re interested in having a go, you can watch our tutorial on Youtube because it can be pretty tricky to set up. The link is at the end of the article.

Floki Valhalla Metaverse


Become $FLOKI certified with official merchandise and NFTs on their official website/marketplace. FlokiPlaces is officially partnered with Binance Pay, allowing the community to pay with cryptocurrencies!

There are all sorts of premium merchandise to choose from:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jumpers
  • Hats
  • Cases
  • Dog Merch

I must say the merchandise is awesome…

Floki NFTs

Currently, there are three official NFT collections available that grant you extra FLOKI power across the ecosystem (To Be Announced by the FLOKI Team).

These are the three collections that can be found on the Opensea NFT Marketplace:


Limited to 10,000 Supply.

When the Valhalla Metaverse launches, the 10k supply will begin to decrease. The utilities will be announced upon the launch of the Valhalla Metaverse Mainnet.

Genesis - Diamond Hands

4 Quality Types - Ruby, Diamond, Silver & Bronze.

All Genesis NFTs will have up to 3 traits and can be used to power up their playable Valhalla in-game character.

If you’re interested in becoming God-like within Valhalla, it is recommended by FLOKI to obtain all 4 Quality Types of the Genesis collection.


Possibly the ultimate NFT Collection for Valhalla Veterans.

Aurum Gemstone of Truth

  • Enjoy ZERO Fees within the entire FLOKI Ecosystem

Diamond Mind Gemstone

  • Early Access to the FLOKI Debit Card upon release.
  • (Aurum Benefits) Enjoy ZERO Fees within the entire FLOKI Ecosystem

Ruby Heart Gemstone

  • Receive future airdrops of future tokens that launch within the FLOKI Ecosystem.
  • (Diamond Mind Benefits) Early Access to the FLOKI Debit Card upon release.
  • (Aurum Benefits) Enjoy ZERO Fees within the entire FLOKI Ecosystem

These NFTs were designed to enhance your overall experience. Valhalla is potentially one of the most anticipated Metaverse Play-To-Earn (P2E) launches and should see the floor price of each NFT rise substantially.

Floki University

The Floki University is coming early in 2023 and will teach coming generations all about Crypto, blockchain and of course the Floki ecosystem. Most of the platform will be free, but to make the most of Floki Uni it will be recommended to hold FLOKI tokens!

Floki University


After going through their ecosystem, you can see that the $FLOKI token has a lot of utilities that are prepared to shake up the entire industry upon global adoption.

At the moment, $FLOKI is available on:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain)

Dogecoin is currently the number 1 meme coin by market cap which is inflationary, unlike FLOKI which is a deflationary token and over time will become very scarce.

My question is, are you a holder of FLOKI or do you need some help?

How To Buy FLOKI

There are two main ways to buy FLOKI, but either way, you will always go through a centralised exchange (CEX). Here are the options:

Option 1- Centralised Exchange

The FLOKI token is available on some of the top Centralised exchanges (CEXs).

Here are some Centralised Exchanges we recommend:

  • Binance - The most popular CEX in the world
  • KuCoin - One of the leading CEXs
  • BitGet - (FLOKI NOT AVAILABLE HERE) Trade on BitGet and receive 0% Deposit Cashback + $5,000 DEPOSIT BONUSES

Option 2 - DeFi Wallet & Decentralised Exchange

Firstly, you will need the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) connected to your DeFi wallet like Metamask.

You can purchase on the Ethereum network if you prefer, however, gas fees are a lot cheaper on the BNB Chain which we recommend!

You can watch our step-by-step tutorials on YouTube, using these links:

You can swap FLOKI tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) using the PancakeSwap decentralised exchange (DEX) to perform the swap of either BNB/CAKE or BNB/BUSD for example. There is also the UniSwap tutorial if you choose to hold your FLOKI tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet.


From just a meme coin, FLOKI has created enough utility for it to lose that title. The future seems bright for the Valhalla community.

FLOKI is ready for the next bull run, it’s listed on the majority of the best Centralised Exchanges such as Binance, ByBit and KuCoin. Not to mention the multiple token utilities, superior Tokenomics and an incredible roadmap.

At the time of writing, the FLOKI token is sitting at a price of $0.00001595 with a market cap of $150.5M. The FLOKI token has seen an ATH of over $0.0003437 and reached a market cap of $3B.

If you have the ability to leverage trade, you’re going to love this. FLOKI is now an enabled perpetual token on ByBit and allows up to 12.5x Leverage!

You may as well get some bonuses and rewards whilst your leveraging FLOKI, here!

Floki Inu (FLOKI) 2023 Roadmap

Floki Inu Links

Floki Inu Twitter

Floki Inu Website

Floki Shop

Floki Valhalla Tutorial

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