YM… Launching one of the most historical and successful airdrops of all time…

It’s time to take you through the portal of power as we dive into the Dymension network.

What is Dymension (DYM)?

Dymension is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) network that enables anyone to launch and deploy scalable modular blockchains known as RollApps. RollApps can be anything from games to NFTs to anything DeFi-related!

RollApps are the latest innovation introduced by Dymension which is essentially a rollup merged with an application. Rollapps are interactive modular blockchains which have their own sovereignty and control but are secured by the Dymension hub.

To compare, Decentralised Applications (dApps) are just generic network-built applications that must follow the rules of the native blockchain and therefore not autonomous. However, RollApps have their own freedom and can connect to other RollApps within the Dymension network.

that can be seen as similar to a server for the internet. It processes and handles all the requests (e.g. transactions) from RollApps while also maintaining communication and interoperability between them all.

Why Dymension?

Why would devs choose to build RollApps over dApps?

Well, the answer is simple. RollApps follow their own rules but can leverage the validator nodes of the Dymension network to secure their assets and publish their transactional data through the Data Availability networks.

The interoperability between all RollApps is only possible because the Dymension blockchain was built using the Cosmos SDK and all RollApps can interact with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

The best thing is, this makes Dymension and all the RollApps interoperable with other major IBC-enabled chains and protocols such as Osmosis, Injective, Celestia and many more.

Welcome to a new Dymension…

Dymension Token (DYM)

Dymension’s native token, $DYM has a few utilities to mention. It is used to pay for network fees and maintain interoperability between different RollApps and networks, staking and participating in governance! $DYM is the power source of the entire Dymension.

Since its inception, DYM has become a superior token to Stake. Why? Well, because of the upcoming RollApps which will be airdropping tokens to $DYM stakers. At the moment, over 49.12% of the Total Supply is Staked….

That is a true community.

Recently, Dymension added an AMM DEX, enabling users to provide liquidity and swap popular IBC-enabled tokens within the Dymension Hub. It is clear that the network is preparing for RollApps and their tokens, therefore we need a home to swap all of our airdrops…


At the time of writing, $DYM is currently priced at $7.37 with a market cap of $1.07B. Dymension has not been around for very long and is still yet to experience a bull market. Since the airdrop, $DYM has almost doubled in price and it doesn’t seem to be stopping…

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