lay, Build, Host, Learn, and Stake to Earn in this new and immense AAA open-world Web3 game known as Cornucopias, which is planning to hit major consoles such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo by 2027…

Could this be GameFi’s ultimate gem?

What is Cornucopias (COPI)?

Cornucopias is an open-world and sky-based MMO built on Unreal Engine 5 which has also been used to develop one of the largest games in the world, Fortnite. This is exactly what we need for Web3 gaming, a top-tier quality P2E game.

How Does Cornucopias Work?

Get ready to explore a beautiful universe full of thrilling races, intense combat and much more. The greatest quality of Cornucopias is the ability to earn in various ways, other than just from playing (already amazing). Let’s look closer at each incredible method of earning.


Firstly, let’s start with Play-and-Earn, the primary focus of the Cornucopias. Enjoy, complete and play the in-game experiences and seasonal challenges to earn a currency known as Gold. Rack up that Gold and exchange it for the native and tradable $COPI token.


Build and Earn across the expansive Cornucopias Metaverse gathering resources such as wood, crops, metal and fabrics to craft weapons, tools, buildings and much more. All of your crafted items and valuable materials can be traded for Gold and then exchanged for $COPI!


Turn $COPI into a solid source of passive income with Host and Earn. Simply run a node, host your own games within the Cornucopias Metaverse and earn $COPI tokens around the clock! Node operators are vital to the decentralisation of the protocol.


Partnering with the European Business University, Cornucopias is introducing the Learn and Earn mechanism which will allow users to play educational mini-games and earn in-game currencies! This is a powerful method to onboard millions of new users into Web3.


Popular to many DeFi protocols is the ability to Stake and Earn. There are two methods of which you can stake. The first option is to stake and lock up your $COPI tokens in staking pools or the second option would be to stake your NFTs, both of which reward you with $COPI!

Cornucopias NFTs

All player-owned assets are NFTs within the Cornucopias, ensuring pure ownership for gamers, the way it should be… NFTs can be crafted, bought and sold on the native Cornucopias NFT marketplace. Not to mention that you can Stake and Earn from your NFTs…

Cornucopias Token (COPI)

The fuel and power of the entire Cornucopias universe is the $COPI token. $COPI is used to participate in the Governance of the Cornucopias protocol, trade in the NFT marketplace and much more to come. Currently, you can trade $COPI on Etehreum, the BNB Chain and Cardano!


At the time of writing, $COPI is sitting at $0.09 with a market cap of $81M. Due to recent and major developments in the game, the $COPI token is now achieving new ATHs. When the full game is released, who knows how high the $COPI token can go…

Official Cornucopias Links

Cornucopias X

Cornucopias Website

Cornucopias LinkTree


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