Seeming as many of us are eligible for the $AVAIL airdrop, I thought it would make sense to take a deep dive.

So, in this short article, we will unravel everything you need to know about @AvailProject and the upcoming airdrop which is around the corner. 🧵

What is Avail ($AVAIL)?

Avail is on a mission to take Web3 to the next level as it plans to unite the most powerful networks into one by providing the ultimate infrastructure layer. Interoperability is one hurdle DeFi struggles to cross, but not with Avail. Together we prevail.

The Avail infrastructure layer is built up of three products known as DA, Nexus and Fusion which merge to enable rollups to scale to their peak performance, connect seamlessly and gain access to a unified and secure network.

This is where the $AVAIL token comes in…

Avail Token ($AVAIL)

The fuel driving the entire network is the one and only $AVAIL token which is used to power DA, Nexus and Fusion. Nonetheless, $AVAIL will be used to secure the network through staking as well as taking part and voting on governance proposals through the Avail DAO.

Developers can now build and utilise the Avail DA on leading Ethereum scaling solutions such as Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync, Polygon and Starknet. Avail is removing the unwanted barriers of blockchain interoperability for both users and developers.

Avail Airdrop

Now to unveil all the juicy details about the upcoming $AVAIL airdrop which will be known as the Unification Drop. A total of 600M $AVAIL tokens are to be airdropped to five categories of eligible users and will be allocated upon the launch of the Avail DA mainnet.

Here is the breakdown of the Unification Drop:

Avail Ecosystem Devs -  90M $AVAIL

Testnet Validators/Users - 49.5M $AVAIL

Rollup Users (Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Starknet & zkSync) - 380M $AVAIL

Polygon PoS Stakers - 70M $AVAIL

Community Contributors - 10.5M $AVAIL

How To Claim the Avail Airdrop

The snapshot was taken on March 31st 2024 and many users were made eligible for $AVAIL without even realising, just for actively using popular layer 2 networks.

To check and claim your $AVAIL airdrop, follow this link to the Avail Claim Portal.


At the time of writing, we do not know when $AVAIL will drop, nor do we know the price it will be launching at. Nonetheless, the Avail is backed and partnered with major VCs and companies so we could expect to see big things coming our way…

With over $27M raised, $AVAIL could be a historical airdrop we may never forget. Once the $AVAIL token launches and Staking goes live, this could also open up new opportunities for future airdrops. The question is, are you going to HODL, Sell or Stake your $AVAIL tokens?

Official Avail Links

Avail Website

Avail Airdrop Claim Portal

Avail X


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