ow do we find the newest cryptocurrencies? Where can we get the latest crypto news and updates? What is the best social media platform for cryptocurrency investors?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one asking. In this article, we will share the most popular and widely used social media platforms for cryptocurrencies and the daring dimension of DeFi.

The social media platforms mentioned in this article are not exclusively directed towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but you will find that they have a huge presence within these platforms. Most popular in the world of Web3, we use X, Discord, YouTube and Telegram to help us learn, navigate and discover the newest and trending crypto projects.

The Best Social Media for Crypto

Each social media platform can be used to your advantage. Let’s narrow them down one by one so you can find your best fit.

X (Twitter)

By far the most popular and widely used social media platform when it comes to anything crypto-related has got to be X (formerly known as Twitter). X is the go-to social media for the latest crypto news, updates, launches and much more.

On the X platform, you can follow, message and interact with pretty much anyone! This is the platform to speak your mind, discuss or learn about the crypto you love from people you follow. Generally, the average user comes to follow their favourite influencers on X.

Influencers are known to share their favourite cryptocurrencies, technical analysis on charts or even just overall market opinions, which can help you discover the latest trends and so on. It is important however to be cautious when listening to influencers and you must always conduct your own research.

99.99% of crypto protocols (e.g. @Bitcoin or @Ethereum) have an X account. They use them to update their community in real time which of course allows the community to express their opinions openly. The majority of hardcore crypto investors have an X (Twitter) account they use to follow their favourite protocols and influencers.

You can even follow Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), Mark Cuban (Business mogul and avid crypto investor) and even Elon Musk who even changed the X logo on the website to Dogecoin’s logo!

Official X (Twitter) Website

X (Twitter) Logo - Source: https://twitter.com/home
X (Twitter)


Communication is key and Discord is a fantastic source of information for protocols and their communities. Crypto protocols such as Uniswap for example will have their own Discord server where the community can find official links, receive the latest news/updates, talk to like-minded community members, get support from official staff and so much more!

Joining a Discord server for your favourite protocols will keep you on top of the game. You will be the first to know what they are up to and you can even make yourself known in the community by being an active member in the Discord channels. Alternatively, you can join community Discord groups which are just communities of investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency (be weary of shilling and malicious links).

Official Discord Website

Discord Logo, Crypto Discord


YouTube is the home of free knowledge. Whether you’re looking to build a shed or learn about your favourite blockchain, YouTube has it all, for free! We can subscribe to YouTube channels that focus on the content we like, whether that is the latest crypto news, airdrops, tutorials, technical analysis and pretty much anything you can think of!

Take the time to explore what YouTube has to offer, there is so much to learn and there are so many great channels that provide excellent content regularly. We have provided a short list of popular YouTube Channels to help you get started:

  • AltCryptoGems - Crypto Market Updates, Tutorials, Reviews, News, Airdrops and everything crypto-related.
  • Coin Bureau - Crypto News, Reviews and more!
  • Crypto Banter - Live Crypto Show, News, Reviews and much more!

There are so many more to discover, but we will leave that to you!

Official YouTube Website

YouTube Logo, Crypto Youtube, YouTube Crypto


Telegram, a popular messenger and competitor to WhatsApp has become a huge platform for crypto communities! Why? Well, because Telegram allows users to create exclusive community chats, where members can gain access to “Alpha”, rewards, news, trends, whitelist opportunities, offers and much more!

The Telegram app has so many features that you can implement into your chats or communities. Joining them can be free or paid, depending on the community you choose to join.

Bonus information for those who didn’t know, Telegram is the official leading backer of Toncoin ($TON). Toncoin integrated a self-custodial wallet, similar to that of Metamask into the Telegram Messenger Application!

Official Telegram Website

Telegram Messenger Logo, Telegram, Crypto Telegram, Telegram Crypto


Each of these social media platforms should provide you with everything you need. There are however alternatives that we believe are not as good for crypto-related content, but like they say, each to their own! If you are looking for other social media platforms for crypto content, you can try these:

Remember to be cautious when exploring the dangerous lands of social media. There are people out there trying to scam you, especially in the crypto world. Don’t click on any suspicious links and don’t give out any personal information at any time!


The content provided in this article is strictly intended for informational purposes. Nothing said in this article is financial advice. It is important to proceed with caution and diligence when using cryptocurrencies. Always invest what you are prepared to lose and remember that you are entirely responsible for your assets and investments. The author and the publication do not endorse or recommend any of the cryptocurrencies, protocols or strategies in this article.

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