he StarkNet Foundation has unveiled plans to distribute a substantial 1.8 billion STRK tokens through a series of user incentive initiatives. This allocation demonstrates a strong dedication to prioritizing community growth.

Starknet Logo
Starknet Logo

900 Million STRK for Direct User Rewards

900 million STRK will be dedicated to direct distributions managed by a newly formed "Provisions Committee." This committee will oversee rewarding both past and future contributions from users and community members.

Distributions are set to begin in the first half of 2024.

An Equal Amount for User Rebates

A matching 900 million STRK will go towards user rebate programs focused on rewarding on-chain activities like transactions. While specifics are unknown, these rebates will likely incentivize.

The Foundation also created a "DeFi Committee" allocated 50 million STRK for research into liquidity mining and market making opportunities. This research is nearing completion with incentives aimed at launching in Q1 2024.

Transparent Criteria and Processes Vital

Clear communication around eligibility criteria and detailed distribution schedules will be important to manage expectations from this colossal allocation. Regular updates from the new committees can shed light on progress. 

The Foundation hopes these generous tokens distributions will spread ownership while incentivizing further participation in building StarkNet. Specialized governance ensures rewards have high impact.

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Boost for Community Morale and Project Momentum

This 1.8 billion STRK commitment signals a dedication to prioritizing the community's role in development. With prudent management, it could significantly strengthen the ecosystem through aligned incentives over the coming years.

Reporting from the Provisions, Rebates and DeFi Committees over the next 12 months will reveal valuable information on how this immense supply is being strategically allocated to benefit users and support network growth.

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