orea's prominent crypto analytics company, Team Blackbird, operating the renowned platform CryptoQuant, announced the roll-out of a crypto wallet. This initiative is the fruit of a collaboration with SK Telecom (SKT), South Korea's leading mobile phone provider in terms of user base.

Features and Benefits of the T Wallet

Those using the 'T wallet' will enjoy the convenience of a mobile, blockchain-integrated application. Apart from storing their digital tokens securely, users can harness CryptoQuant’s on-chain analysis tools. According to Team Blackbird's CEO, Ki Young Joo, these tools might offer invaluable insights to optimize their market strategies.

A Boost for the Korean Crypto Landscape

Emphasizing the wallet's potential significance, Jong Seung Kim, spearheading SKT's Web3 business team, shared his optimism. He views this wallet as a catalyst that could invigorate the Korean crypto arena, a region already known for its impressive trading activity and deep-rooted crypto enthusiasm.

Spotlight on CryptoQuant

Playing a pivotal role in the world of cryptocurrency, CryptoQuant specializes in on-chain data analysis and boasts an extensive clientele worldwide. The company stands out with exclusive collaborations with major global entities. Partners like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) and the esteemed Moody's credit rating agency depend on CryptoQuant for on-chain data and detailed research.


This joint venture between SK Telecom and CryptoQuant underscores the dynamism of South Korea's crypto industry. The introduction of the T wallet, with its advanced on-chain analysis features, promises not just enhanced user experience but also the potential to elevate the country's already vibrant crypto ecosystem to new heights.

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