Ripple's Latest Alliance

Ripple, the renowned cross-border payment solution provider, has announced its fresh

partnership with the crypto exchange and Web3 finance platform, Uphold. This

collaboration is targeted at amplifying the crypto liquidity associated with Ripple’s

international payment system.

Uphold's Role in Boosting Ripple's Reach

Ripple's approach, which capitalizes on XRP for enhancing efficiency and swiftness in

global transactions, has garnered immense popularity, especially with its growing

international collaborations. Uphold, boasting a vast footprint across over 180 nations and

offering a gateway to 200 crypto and traditional currencies, stands poised to significantly

boost Ripple's worldwide remittance endeavors.

Pegah Soltani, Ripple’s head of payments product, expressed enthusiasm about this

collaboration, "With Uphold's profound liquidity prowess, we can further elevate Ripple’s

potential for swift and adaptable international payments. We’re optimistic about the journey


Ripple’s Ongoing Expansion

Ripple is on a continual expansion spree. With the augmentation of its liquidity hub, the

company aims to harness its blockchain foundation for instantaneous global money

transfers. Its service spectrum extends to liquidity management, token creation, and

safeguarding solutions for corporate entities.

Uphold's Take on the Partnership

Simon McLoughlin, Uphold's CEO, shared his views on this alliance, praising Ripple's

immense value addition to cross-border business transactions. He stated, “We are

delighted to play a pivotal role in Ripple's mission. Our alliance exemplifies how our

platform's unique strengths can empower businesses to streamline their crypto and fiat



This strategic partnership between Ripple and Uphold underscores the growing

importance of liquidity in the crypto sphere, especially in the context of international

transactions. As the two giants collaborate, the global remittance landscape is set for some

promising transformations.

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