hile Mark Yusko, a pro-Bitcoin hedge fund manager, appreciates the concept behind XRP and commends Ripple's CEO, he raises concerns about XRP's issuance and adoption.

Yusko's Ambivalence Towards XRP Ledger

The cryptocurrency world has often been polarized with staunch supporters and fierce critics. Mark Yusko, a leading name in the hedge fund industry and an advocate for Bitcoin, delved into his thoughts on the XRP Ledger. While he acknowledges the potential of XRP as a possible superior rail for numerous financial institutions, he candidly admitted to his struggles in fully embracing it. "I struggle with XRP," he remarked, indicating the polarized views and criticism he often encounters from the XRP community.

The Potential and Pitfalls of XRP's Adoption

Yusko's perspective on XRP isn't solely rooted in skepticism. He sees potential in the cryptocurrency's ideology and considers it a viable solution for banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. However, he remains cautious, pointing out a perceived gap between the announcements regarding XRP's adoption and the concrete evidence of its widespread use. His remarks encapsulate the hesitancy that many have felt about new technologies: "…there is very little evidence, a lot of announcements but very little behind it."

Acknowledging Ripple CEO's Brilliance, Yet Skeptical of XRP's Issuance

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, didn't go unnoticed in Yusko's analysis. The hedge fund manager recognized Garlinghouse's intellect and the elegance of the idea behind XRP. However, Yusko's concerns resurface when discussing the issuance of XRP. He aligns with the US SEC's view that the issuance resembled that of securities, expressing his disapproval of its method.

Legal Quagmires and XRP's Future

Diving into the ongoing legal battle, Yusko touched upon the appeal process initiated by the US regulator against parts of the ruling regarding XRP. He underscored the unpredictability of the case's outcome, indicating that it is contingent on the legal arguments brought forward. Yusko's understanding of the case's intricacies is evident when he mentions potential financial repercussions for Ripple. Yet, he also points out a silver lining for crypto traders, emphasizing that Judge Torres's ruling is seen as a victory for them.

Clarifying Misunderstandings: XRP Community Responds

In the wake of Yusko's comments, prominent figures within the XRP community, like the influencer Dig Perspectives, sought to set the record straight. The influencer emphasized that the court's ruling did not categorically label XRP as a security. Instead, it was Ripple's early sales of XRP that were deemed as unregistered securities offerings.


The discourse around XRP, like many cryptocurrencies, remains a blend of hope, skepticism, and legal quandaries. Yusko's insights, though mixed, shed light on the broader challenges and promises that cryptocurrencies like XRP present to the financial world. As the landscape evolves, conversations like these shape the path ahead for crypto adoption and regulation.

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