onald Trump's latest financial disclosure showcases a considerable investment in Ethereum, possibly linked to his recent NFT ventures. This revelation stands in stark contrast to his previously expressed scepticism about cryptocurrencies.

Trump's Dive into Crypto via NFTs

In the whirlwind of personalities joining the crypto bandwagon, former President Donald Trump too marked his presence. His venture into the domain is not purely investment-driven but leans on the popularity of the Trump Trading Cards NFT collections. This initiative not only demonstrated his foray into digital assets but also hinted at a more profound involvement.

Ethereum Over Bitcoin for Trump

The 2023 Financial Disclosure, as documented by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, uncovers that Trump holds a commendable sum in Ethereum. Contrary to many crypto enthusiasts, Trump's cryptocurrency wallet reveals Ether ranging from $250,001 to $500,000. This possession is intriguing, especially after his public disdain for Bitcoin, once calling it a "scam" and a competitor to the dollar.

The NFT Connection: More to the Story

Despite Trump's substantial Ethereum holding, it's essential to understand the underlying motivations. The cryptocurrency wallet might not be a reflection of Trump's faith in crypto but rather a business inclination. This hypothesis gains weightage considering his partnership with NFT International LLC for his NFT collections. Directly relating to this, Trump's financial records note his licensing agreement with the said company, although the exact monetary particulars remain undisclosed.

Launching in December 2022, the Trump Digital Trading Cards on Polygon faced polarized reactions, with some criticizing it as a mere opportunistic move. Yet, the staggering sales, amounting to $4.35 million within 12 hours, narrate a different success story.

Other Pro-Bitcoin Political Stalwarts

Trump's crypto endeavours present a contrast when juxtaposed with other political figures. Notable names like Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy have been vocal about their support, with Kennedy reported to possess Bitcoin investments worth between $100,001 and $250,000.


The intricate dance between politics and cryptocurrencies continues as personalities like Donald Trump make unexpected moves in the space. Trump's Ethereum holdings, potentially tied to his NFT venture, underline the multifaceted relationship leaders have with digital currencies. While Trump’s journey might be more commerce-oriented, it undeniably accentuates the increasing interplay of mainstream figures with the burgeoning crypto world.

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