Wall Street's Insightful Ripple IPO Prediction

Recently, Wall Street veteran Linda Jones presented a detailed forecast regarding Ripple's potential Initial Public Offering (IPO). During a Linqto Fireside chat, Jones shared valuable insights into the timeline and deciding factors for Ripple's public offering.

Potential Ripple IPO by May 2024?

Notwithstanding Ripple's minimal need for IPO-gained funds, Jones suggested that investor pressure might drive the company leadership to consider an IPO. Furthermore, Jone| Will s indicated that the economy's broader scope predicts a bull market due to declining inflation and interest rates, setting a favorable climate for public offerings.

Predicted Window of Opportunity for Ripple's IPO

Favorable market conditions and company readiness permitting, Jones pointed out mid-May 2024, specifically around May 15, as the potential date for Ripple’s IPO. However, she also hinted at the unpredictability of this timeline, suggesting that if Ripple misses this opportunity, the next feasible chance might not surface until 2025.

SEC Legal Battle Casts Shadows Over Ripple's IPO Plans

The ongoing legal dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adds complexity to Ripple's IPO journey. According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, the company must obtain SEC approval for its Form S-1 Registration Statement as a prerequisite for an IPO. However, as the legal conflict remains unresolved, obtaining this approval stays uncertain.


While Ripple’s potential public debut can be an exciting prospect for investors, the ongoing legal dispute with the SEC must be resolved for it to become a reality. As Ripple fights for its cause, the crypto market will have to wait and watch for the perfect alignment of the 'stars, the Sun, and the Moon' for Ripple's IPO.

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