In a recent interview, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick expressed his unambiguous support for Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies. He stated

"I am a fan of crypto, but let me be very specific, bitcoin, just bitcoin. These other coins, they are just not a thing." 

For Lutnick, Bitcoin's key attribute is its decentralization, which he believes gives it intrinsic value.

"The only asset people could have held where no one could take it? Bitcoin," he said. Unlike other cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum, Lutnick views Bitcoin as having avoided centralization pressures.

CEO Howard Lutnick
CEO Howard Lutnick

Tether Also Receives Lutnick's Stamp of Approval

In addition to being bullish on Bitcoin, Lutnick also expressed his backing of the stablecoin Tether. He noted that Cantor Fitzgerald is one of Tether's custodians, keeping its treasury holdings. 

Lutnick views Tether favorably due to the coin's stability and ability to serve as a dollar alternative within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As one of Tether's largest custodians, his confidence in the stablecoin is crucial for its continued legitimacy.

Concerns about Control of Other Cryptocurrencies

While praising Bitcoin and Tether, Lutnick voiced worries about centralization risks for other cryptocurrency networks. He pointed to the potential for individuals like Ethereum founder Joe Lubin to exert influence.

Lubin has denied ever controlling more than half a percent of the total ether supply. Nonetheless, Lutnick's comment shows a preference for cryptocurrencies where no single entity could control a majority and manipulate the protocol.    

USDT and Bitcoin

Taking a Leadership Stance

As the head of a major financial institution, Lutnick's endorsement of Bitcoin and Tether carries significant weight. His public support demonstrates confidence that these cryptocurrencies fit within the expanding digital asset space.

By favoring only the most established and decentralized coins, Lutnick is exhibiting leadership through a prudent approach. Other institutional investors will watch how Cantor Fitzgerald integrates Bitcoin and Tether into its operations.

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