t the recent Zoomtopia online conference organized by tech company Zoom, Charles Munger, the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, didn't hold back when expressing his views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Although the primary focus of his keynote was on AI, his scathing critique of Bitcoin captured significant attention.

Criticism of Bitcoin

Famous for his straightforward and occasionally contentious opinions, Munger didn't mince words when discussing Bitcoin. He stated, “Don’t get me started on Bitcoin. This is the stupidest investment I have ever seen.” Recalling his past critiques, Munger had once compared Bitcoin to "rat poison" and even went on to describe it as a "venereal disease."

He's also lauded China for its decision to ban cryptocurrencies, applauding them for warding off what he views as “an investment in nothing.” Munger's skepticism isn't unique to him. His longtime business colleague, Warren Buffett, has also shown apprehension about Bitcoin, labeling it as a "gambling token."

Views on Artificial Intelligence

Switching gears to artificial intelligence, Munger acknowledged the potential of AI but cautioned against the mounting hype. He clarified that AI isn't a recent phenomenon, stating that it has been around since the 1950s, evolving as "software creates more software." Munger's reservations about AI align with his past sentiments where he has often emphasized that "old-fashioned intelligence" serves just as well.

The Bigger Picture

The cryptocurrency landscape has seen numerous ups and downs. In 2022, the crypto community endured the "Crypto Winter," which saw a massive selloff and loss in market capitalization. Although Bitcoin has managed to bounce back a bit from its biggest drop this year, it remains significantly below its peak levels.


While Munger's views may seem harsh, they mirror concerns held by many traditional investors about the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the unproven potential of emerging technologies. It remains to be seen how Bitcoin and AI evolve, but for now, the market will undoubtedly keep a close eye on such influential opinions.

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