enowned XRP advocate John Deaton emphasizes the resilience of the recent verdict from Judge Torres.

After the landmark judgment, which rendered XRP token sales as separate from securities, there has been constant chattering in the Crypto market. This resulted into a set of predictions regarding the next decisions of the United States securities and SEC.

Uncertainty Overshadow Ripple’s Legal Status

After Judge Torres’ decision, saying that XRP exchanges are not securities, many people are left in the dark when it comes to the legal changes anticipated from the potential SEC’s decision to counter the verdict.
John Deaton stands for over 75,000 XRP users and had his say on the anticipated outcomes related to the final judgment.

Concerns About SEC’s Next Steps Keep Market on Edge

There is a likelihood of an SEC challenge as per discussions over the weekend, of which instill apprehension in the investment community, causing a wary market sentiment. Yet, John Deaton thinks that even if there will be an appeal, Judge Torres will keep ruling for the two years to come. Hence, any attempt from the SEC to question this will most probably fail.

The Robustness of Judge Torres’ Verdict

The odds of the SEC to find a win on programmatic sales is weak. Because, stating Deaton’s belief, the venue for the appeal can find it challenging to criticize Judge Torres’ reference to the 3rd Howey component. Also, the judge retains the discretion to review the remainder of the components. This will potentially lead to a similar determination, SEC’s claim over the ‘common entreprise’ factor will be challenged.

A Message for XRP Enthusiasts: Stay Calm

Deaton’s examination validates even more the possibility of Judge Torres’ decision that will stand firm, at least for the near future which he expects to be two years where XRP holders will be given some reassurance and stability. Despite the second circuit being in line to oversee the appeal, Judge Torres will not be negated from his stance on the 3rd Howey parameter. Of course, this is good news for the XRP community, but stakeholders are advised to stay vigilant, given the tricky legal backdrop.


The legal landscape around XRP that seems to be constantly evolving is a very interesting and important topic that attracts a lot of interest, specially considering the possibility of an SEC appeal. The future is uncertain, though insights from people like Deaton serve as a valuable reference point. For now, much to the relief of XRP investors, the consensus depends on the judgment of Judge Torres.

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