My Bitcoin analysis, “Grow” coins being the hype & more! – #20!

It’s time for an update. I’ll be sharing a chart showing my Bitcoin analysis and my ETH (ALTCOINS) analysis, as well as talk a bit about the “Grow” coins that are popping up.



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My Bitcoin analysis.

My chart on Bitcoin can be seen below. Here’s my thought:

Right now, we’re consolidating between the soft support and the soft resistance. What this means, is we’re either going to RETEST the resistance at $24.8K, or we’re going to fall through the support at $23.6K. In my opinion, the Monday US stock opening will decide where we’re going. If we’re breaking through $24.8K I can see us going towards $27.4K real soon. If we fail, however, we’ll most likely drop towards $23K and if we fail that, $20.6K is next.


My ETH analysis.

My ETH chart can be seen below.

For ETH (and thus the entire altcoin market) it’s pretty much the same story as Bitcoin. We’re currently consolidating between the support and resistance, and pretty much Bitcoin is going to decide where we’re going.

Right now, we are trying to break $1803, and if we do, $1910 ish is next. If we fail, however, it’s crucial we hold $1660, or we’re going towards $1550 and maybe even $1365.


What’s with these GROW coins?

So, if you’re only slightly interested in coins on the #BNB chain, then you MUST have seen the “grow” coins. What I mean with that, are the coins ending with grow.

For example:
– SquidGrow
– FlokiGrow
– Grow Inu

I’ve actually called quite a bit of these coins on my Twitter page, and pretty much ALL have literally exploded. If you’ve followed me Twitter (HERE) and have joined my calls, you MUST have gotten the 3x – 10x calls. We’ve made absolute BANK in the last week.

Only time will tell how long this hype lasts. Be careful tho, it’s really easy to make money with these type of coins, but all of a sudden the hype is gone and all are dropping like flies.



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