Get Free rewards when trading! – #8!


Welcome to another news article! A lot has happened since the last time we spoke, so here’s an update!


In this issue:
1. ByBit WSOT 2022 has started!
2. Bitcoin – My thought and analysis
3. Global currencies vs Bitcoin
4. The top 10 most expensive NFT’s ever traded
5. ROI of 78% in our Trading Discord group!


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Bitcoin – My thought and analysis
Well, we all have seen it, Bitcoin is absolutely shitting the bed. At the moment of writing this letter, we’re at $23.7K. Yeah, almost more than 70% down since ATH. That hurts. Anyway, this does NOT mean crypto is over. Far from it. We’ve seen stuff like this happening, and even though this hurts, it’s all part of the game. When in doubt, zoom out!


Here’s my analysis:
It’s crucial we’re holding $23.1K to not get absolutely smashed any more. If we don’t, I legit see us going towards $19K and eventually $11K.
If we do bounce, however, it’s crucial we break $26.8K and $29.5K next. Charted below.



Global Currencies vs Bitcoin
The global currencies against the U.S. dollar over the last 10 years:
Venezuela: -99.999%
Argentina: -96.3%
Turkey: -89.3%
Russia: -44.5%
Japan: -40.8%
UK: -20.3%
EU: -16%
Bitcoin: +511,570%


The top 10 most expensive NFT’s ever traded
Ever wondered about the top 10 most expensive NFT’s that have been traded? So did I!
And because of that, I’ve made an extensive Twitter Thread. Spoiler alert: It’s more than $50M!

Have a read below:


ROI of 78% in our Trading Discord group!
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