Gala Games showing us how it’s done in the Metaverse! – #15!

Something exciting has caught my eye! Pretty much, it’s living in the metaverse, done extremely well by $GALA. Because of that, I’ve made a thread/description of GalaGames! I will leave all the official links in the bottom of this post, for reference.



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$GALA, from Games Company to Entertainment Company. #GALA first hit the markets in 2020 as Gala Games.


When $GALA hit its peak it was priced at $0.82+ per token and hit a Market Cap of $5.4 Billion. At the time of writing, Gala’s market cap is $340M+ with a price of $0.046.


Gala started with a few games developed in-house such as Town Crush, Town Star & more. Since then, they have partnered with Universal Games (Battlestar Galactica) and Ember Entertainment (The Walking Dead – Empires).


Recently, @GoGalaGames announced that they are releasing the FIRST #NFT-based game on the infamous @EpicGame’s Store. The game ‘GRIT’ is a Battle Royale game, where you’ll be riding horses in the open-world Wild West!


Play against like-minded gunslingers in this F2P (Free To Play) & NFT game, where you can customise an entirely new and unique character of your own and even turn it into an NFT, with the possibility of increasing your earnings.


When ‘Grit’ is released, it will definitely grab the attention of people that don’t use Web3. #Gala will be at the forefront.


$GALA also transitioned into the Music industry, making major collaborations and partnerships with Artists such as, ‘Mount Westmore’, ‘Jane Handcock’ and the legend himself, @SnoopDogg.


They have a store where you can purchase a Song as an #NFT from the Artist’s albums. Everything is bought in the native currency – $GALA, with exception of some of their in-game currencies.


Earn rewards from ‘Player & Fan Nodes’. More information on their website. GALA’s most recent major announcement was the Release of @GoGalaFilms. With which Gala Film users will be able to ‘Watch & Earn’. Both viewers and the owners of the ‘Film’ content will earn accordingly.


Gala Films haven’t released any news on ‘who’ will be making their film content. However, I am sure people will be excited about Watching & Earning simultaneously.


GALA has created a vast amount of opportunities for users to EARN. You can play Gala Games, own Song NFT’s from your favourite artists, and soon to come, watch & earn with Gala Films.


Gala also allows users to create Gala Nodes by delegating a large amount of $GALA tokens.


If you’re new to the GALA ecosystem and are interested in learning more, here are the official links to the website & Twitter.


$GALA is available to purchase on most major CEX’s (e.g. Binance, CRO etc.). $GALA is also swappable on the #Ethereum network through Uniswap.


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That’s it, hope you enjoyed reading my short introduction to GALA! Thanks for reading!


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