A Binance giveaway, an AMA and my Bitcoin analysis! – #22!

Crypto is thriving, and a lot of things are happening. Here’s an update on what’s been going on regarding my Twitter!


In this issue:

  • Binance T-shirt giveaway and an AMA!
  • DEFY launchpad on Bybit!
  • My Bitcoin Analysis.
  • Some successes in our AltCryptoTalk Discord server!


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Binance T-shirt giveaway and an AMA!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m hosting an AMA together with Binance this Thursday (11th of August at 6PM UTC!). During the AMA we’ll be talking about ‘DYOR’ and how to research coins. I’ll be explaining how I do my research, how to spot scams and much more! You’re able to join the event by clicking the tweet link below.

To celebrate the AMA, I’m also hosting a Binance T-Shirt giveaway on my Twitter profile! What this means, is all you have to do is join the Binance Belgium Discord and click the AMA link, comment your Discord username and you have a chance to win an epic Binance T-Shirt!


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DEFY launchpad on ByBit – Snapshot period starting tomorrow!

ByBit is hosting another Launchpad event! This time it’s for $DEFY, and the snapshot period starts in just 1 day! (10th of August). The best thing? Past launchpad projects went 15x on AVERAGE!

It’s literally THE way to make money with a small investment.

Basically, what you’re doing here is investing $50 for example, which is almost guaranteed to become ATLEAST $250 on launch, within just a few days. This is a MUST buy if you’re trying to build your portfolio.

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My Bitcoin analysis.

Here’s my Bitcoin analysis on the chart below!

It seems like we were breaking through the hard resistance at $24.3K, but unfortunately we didn’t. We had a good test, but failed to do so.
Right now, we’re consolidating between that same resistance and a major support at around $23K. It’s crucial we hold that tho, else I see us dropping even further towards possibly $20.7K.

If we are able to bounce and break the $24.3K resistance, I see us going towards $27.4K however.

Tomorrow being the day CPI results are released, let’s see what this will do for the crypto market!



Some successes in our AltCryptoTalk Discord server!

More successes from our calls yesterday, both from our call channel and live trading sessions!
The team is killing it, and members are doing better and better everyday with the knowledge they get for free!💪


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