What is Yearn Finance (YFI)?

Yearn Finance – YFI

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What is Yearn Finance?

Yearn Finance first launched in mid-2020 and was founded by the legendary co-founder of Fantom, Andre Cronje.

Yearn Finance swiftly became the most popular ecosystem of DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Yearn Finance protocol created the most user-friendly application as most newcomers to Web3 were baffled when trying to use competing DeFi protocols. Yearn Finance has the perfect suite, let’s take a look at what they have to offer.


How does it work?

The Yearn Finance currently has three main DeFi products/protocols within its collection:

yVaults – A Vault is your very own decentralised savings account for your crypto. yVaults will source the best yield for your assets.

There are many available cryptocurrencies within the vaults such as $1INCH, $ETH, $USDC, $BTC & many more. When a user deposits any of the available tokens they will receive an output token that enables them to earn yields from the original input token.


yCRV – Allows users to receive the best yields from the Curve Finance protocol. There is a twist as you can not directly earn any rewards from the $yCRV token, it’s also known as the base token.

Instead, users can easily turn the $yCRV token into any rewardable activated token of their choice. This could be:

  • Staking – $st-yCRV will receive Curve admin fees + bribes.
  • Liquidity Pools – $lp-yCRV will receive LP fees & emissions.


yBribe– A unique democracy-built governance product designed to allow those who have locked #Curve’s $veCRV token the ability to sell or buy Votes. The $veCRV holders will be rewarded by buyers that increase the $CRV emissions to the Curve pool’s gauge.

For those interested in earning on Yearn Finance, we recommend starting with the Vaults product as it is the easiest to understand for users that are not tech-savvy. Currently, some of the Vaults are offering up to 71% APY!


$YFI Token

Yearn Finance’s native token is $YFI and is primarily used to govern the entire ecosystem of DeFi products. Users who hold $YFI have the ability to vote on any future proposals that are brought up by the team.



Yearn Finance is one of the largest yield aggregators and definitely the most user-friendly. The protocol currently has a Total Value Locked of $436M making it the 23rd largest protocol by TVL according to Defi Llama!

1At the time of writing, the $YFI token is sitting at a price of $7,045 with a market cap of $258M. The $YFI token has a Max/Total supply of 36,666 tokens! The $YFI token has seen an ATH of over $93.4K and reached a market cap of $2.84B!


Twitter – @iearnfinance

Website – yearn.finance




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