What is TRIAS (TRIAS)?


There is a Micro-Cap Crypto Gem that everyone believes will 100x in the next bull run. That Crypto Gem goes by the name of $TRIAS.

This thread will tell you everything you need to know about Trias, so let’s jump straight into it!

This is a Project Review on TRIAS.





What is TRIAS (TRIAS)?

TRIAS  is a Layer 1 Blockchain and decentralised cloud computing infrastructure that launched in 2021. The name TRIAS is what they stand for and translates to Trustworthy & Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems. So, what is TRIAS and what makes it better than existing L1’s?

Before we continue, you will need to understand what decentralised cloud computing infrastructure is. Well, centralised cloud service providers such as Google and Amazon run on their own servers to provide users with storage.

Decentralised infrastructure on the other hand will rely on nodes to delegate computing power and/or storage. The benefits of decentralised cloud infrastructure outweigh centralised by far as it provides privacy, accuracy, and reliability and is generally more cost-efficient.


TRIAS is on the mission to eliminate centralised cloud infrastructure and to solve the blockchain’s toughest issues, such as scalability, security and especially Trusted Systems. So this is where we get into the architecture behind TRIAS.

Without the 1000-word explanation, TRIAS is broken down into three layers known as the Leviatom (smart contract execution layer), Prometh (development framework layer) and the MagCarta (smart contract language).

Together, the 3-layered structure solves problems such as high costs from inefficient consensus, preserving data privacy, reducing network congestion and GPU waste, as well as many other obstacles that prevent blockchain technology from becoming adopted globally…

Products & Solutions

Currently used worldwide is TriasForce the first DSaaS (Decentralised Software as a Service), only on the TRIAS blockchain. At the moment there are three products that TriasForce offers:

TF Security- Detects, prevents and eliminates data attacks & hacks!

TF ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- A business process management software that allows enterprises to manage their business through integrated applications on the network!

TF Audit- Business workflow is traced and verified to increase overall efficiency!


Although TRIAS is a Layer 1 of its own, it has the ability to support and integrate blockchains such as #Ethereum which TRIAS could single-handedly increase its Transactions Per Second (TPS) rate to 100K! Without a doubt many blockchains could benefit from this…

Out of all the blockchains in the world, TRIAS is the only one with an official YEN Stablecoin license and the @triaslab team has over 40 pending patents. Japan is notorious for their technology and it clearly reflects on to the blockchain.

The entire blockchain, its layers and its products are all powered by the $TRIAS token. Each layer has different tokenomics and provides $TRIAS with a wide range of different utilities, which could seriously increase its value upon global blockchain adoption.

At the time of writing, $TRIAS is priced at $3.46 with a market cap of $17.2M+! Compared to other tokens, the $TRIAS token is very scarce in supply, with only a total of 10M. $TRIAS has seen an ATH of $32 and has the potential to exceed that in the next bull run!


Twitter – @triaslab

Twitter – @Trias_One

Website – https://www.trias.one/




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