What is Affyn (FYN)?

Affyn – FYN

Imagine a #Metaverse that is mapped to the real world, all in the palm of your hands…

Imagine no further…

Let me introduce you to… Affyn

This is a Project Review on FYN.





What is Affyn – FYN?


AffynOfficial is a mobile Metaverse powered by the blockchain which launched at the beginning of 2022. Affyn was founded by Lucaz Lee who managed to raise $20M in funding for the project!


Affyn’s mission is to build a sustainable mobile, FREE play-and-earn Metaverse on the Polygon network, which will merge the real world and visual world.


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NEXUS will be their mobile Metaverse which is mapped to the real world. Users can expect to play, explore and get involved in a variety of activities based on their geolocation.


Users can earn in multiple ways in the #NEXUS Metaverse, such as:

  • NFT Marketplace – Create, Buy & Sell character skins, items and structures in the native NFT marketplace.
  • NEXUS Land – The smallest measurement of land is a hexagon, one hexagon can be sold as an NFT on the marketplace.

Users will also be able to earn from games, activities, and events. You also have the option to purchase items that may increase your earning ability.


There is a major issue in the centralised #gaming space, and that is the fact that most games do not give you full ownership over any of your in-game purchases and 99% of major gaming companies don’t give you a chance to earn, after all the hours and money you put into it.


Affyn will give users complete freedom over their in-game assets, just as the blockchain intended.


It’s believed by some, that ‘play-to-earn’ (P2E) is not viable and simply unsustainable, mainly due to inflation of the supply of tokens overtaking the demand for the game’s native token. Usually, it’s because there are more users cashing out, than users buying in-game items.


The Affyn protocol believes their play-and-earn model will be successful and their native token FYN will provide multiple utilities.


To achieve long-term sustainability they are doing the following:

  • Adaptive Rewards Model – Affyn will have a special pool of funds that will be available for users to claim from. Depending on the amount of $FYN tokens in the pool and the number of users on the #Metaverse, the rewards distributed will be reduced accordingly.
  • Multi-Faceted Token Utility – The #Affyn protocol allows users to play and earn the native $FYN token from #AR (Augmented Reality) events, referrals, NFT sales, royalties and transactions taking place in the virtual world!
  • No Staking Policy – #Affyn believe that excluding ‘#Staking’ from the protocol, it will help to maintain the value of the $FYN. Without #Staking, there is less of an outflow of tokens.


This year alone, mobile games revenue is forecast to reach over $160 Billion and the #Metaverse market is worth just under $62B! It goes to show, #Affyn are not tapping into quiet markets.


Affyn feels cryptocurrencies are struggling to achieve mainstream adoption and that an integrated blockchain ecosystem that links the real world to the virtual world, will help achieve this.


At the time of writing, $FYN is hovering just over $0.064 with a small market cap of $13.88 million! Earlier this year, the Affyn token hit an all-time high of $1.69!


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