What is a Crypto Whitelist?

What is a Crypto Whitelist?






What is a Crypto Whitelist?

A Whitelist is simply a list of specific users (wallet addresses) that are given exclusive access to upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or NFT launches, such as the most recent Early Access Pass which I was giving away Whitelist opportunities.

Becoming one of the first to participate in a project or token launch can be life-changing. There are thousands of stories of people joining whitelists, ICOs and presales which end up making mega millions!

The big question everyone asks is, “how do I get on a Whitelist?”

How To Get Whitelisted?

Usually, projects will require the following:

  • Being active and helpful in the Community Discord
  • Engaging with official Social Media accounts (Liking, Retweeting etc.)
  • First-to-complete puzzles – those who complete the puzzle first will earn a whitelist spot (evidence required).
  • Owning certain #NFTs or #Cryptocurrencies can sometimes automatically nominate you for a whitelist/ICO/airdrop opportunity!

If you are looking to get whitelisted on upcoming crypto projects, then your best bet is to follow me @AltCryptoGems on Twitter and turn on that notification bell, so you’re always the first to know!



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