What is a Crypto Bounty?

What is a Crypto Bounty?

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What is a Crypto Bounty?

The Crypto Wild West is full of Bounties. But what is a Crypto Bounty exactly?

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Crypto Bounties are generally used as a marketing ploy before a protocol launches its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The community will be asked to complete specific tasks such as promoting the protocol on social media or creating content like images, memes etc.

Community Bounties

When the Bounty has been completed, the community that participated and completed the required tasks will usually be paid in the protocol’s native token. This is usually after the ICO has concluded.

Developer Bounties

Now, I must mention that blockchains and protocols deploy Crypto Bounties to reward Developers who can find bad code within their smart contracts. Bugs that are found can be very rewarding, in the $10s of thousands!


A Bounty can be a great way of making another source of income from Crypto other than investing or trading it! I will leave some links for those who want to become #Crypto Bounty Hunters, sounds cool to me…

Bounty Twitter Accounts

Here’s a list of Bounty Pages. Happy Hunting.

Gitcoin – @Gitcoin

Bounties Network – @ethBounties

Honourable Mention of @LayerZero_Labs’ $15M Bounty – https://layerzero.gitbook.io/docs/bug-bounty/bug-bounty-program


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