What is Vela Exchange (VELA)?

Vela Exchange – VELA

A Next-Gen Spot & Perpetual trading protocol with a market cap 20x less than GMX.

This is a Project Review on VELA.






What is Vela Exchange – VELA?

Vela Exchange recently launched on the Arbitrum network as a permissionless, self-custody spot & perpetual trading protocol. Vela boasts advanced and unique features to upgrade the user trading experience to its maximum potential.

Although Perpetual trading is their focused product, Vela Exchange is actually planning to build the ultimate decentralised trading suite of products. The protocol is currently in Beta stages but let’s take a look at what they’re currently building:

Perpetual Exchange

The exchange uses a hybrid con-chain & off-chain trading architecture. We will look at all the unique features the exchange has to offer.

Tradable Asset Types:

  • Crypto – Trade $ETH/$BTC etc. with up to 30x Leverage
  • Market Cap – Open Positions on Arbitrum TVL, USDC etc. with up to 30x Leverage.
  • Forex – Go pro and trade $GBP, $EUR etc. with up to 100x Leverage!

Vela manages its collateral with a Vault that is completely backed by $USDC. Every user must deposit $USDC to use the protocol and in return will receive $USD at a 1:1 rate. This is done to enhance the flexibility of depositing stablecoins for the entire trading platform.

Position Management is a key feature of the platform as it allows traders to edit/adjust open positions, alter the collateral, create triggers and even add additional in-house strategies that are subject to availability.


Let’s take a close look at how you can benefit from the native token, $VELA.

Staking $VELA provides users 75% of all the generated revenue on the platform, with all rewards being distributed in both $VELA & $USDC.

Liquidity Pools

Provide liquidity and earn variable APRs that reward you with $VELA.

$esVELA – Escrowed VELA

Users can also vest $eVELA for a period of 6 months which will unlock a 1:1 swap of $esVELA to $VELA at the end of the vesting period. Users can also stake escrowed $VELA.

$VLP – Liquidity Provider Token

Users can mint $VLP tokens to support leveraged trades Vela Exchange. Simply stake $USDC to mint $VLP and you can earn 50% of the total generated fees from the perpetual exchange.


The Vela Exchange has many exciting products & features on its roadmap. Here are my favourite’s out of the many:

  • Over The Counter (OTC) Integration
  • Spot Market Launch
  • More asset listings
  • Multi-Chain support
  • Tax & Finance Dashboard

At the time of writing, the native token $VELA is sitting at a price of $5.24 with a micro market cap of $38.5M. $VELA hasn’t been around that long but has seen an All-Time High of $7.68 and could easily exceed this once we enter the next bull run!

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Twitter – @Vela_Exchange

Website – https://www.vela.exchange/



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