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Quant – @Quant_Network – aims to solve one of the largest problems preventing global Crypto adoption, blockchain ‘Interoperability’.

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What is Quant?

Quant was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian, Paolo Tasca and Colin Paterson. Later in 2018, they launched their token $QNT on the #Ethereum blockchain.


How will Quant create interoperability between blockchains?

Quant developed a software called, the ‘Overledger’ which is designed to connect to public and private networks, allowing for easy multi-chain communication and removing any unwanted barriers. Quant’s Overledger consists of THREE layers, each gets delegated task-specific jobs. These are the THREE layers:


Transaction Layer – where the storage of transactions is of prime importance. Everything needed for agreement occurs on the ‘Transaction Layer’.

Messaging Layer – will deal with data and information transfer, which includes Transaction Data, Smart Contract Data and Metadata.

Filtering and Ordering Layer – is similar to the messaging layer as it also manages messages on the network, however, this layer filters and validates messages/searches into the database, as neatly as possible.


The Overledger DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) gateway

The main purpose is to transfer data such as Fungible Tokens, #NFTs, Smart Contracts and more between any network or distributed ledger system. In 2020, the DLT market was valued at $3B, however, predictions suggest the DLT market will reach $39B+ by 2025.


The #Quant network also consists of ‘mDapps’ which are essentially ‘DApps’ (Decentralised Applications) but instead mDapps have the capabilities of working on as many blockchains as the Quant network can connect to. This is amazing for developers looking to take advantage of building a #DApp with minimal restrictions, by being able to reap the benefits from any selected #blockchain. QNT is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which has the capability of swapping to any other network. QNT, which is the native token of the #Quant network is used to provide access to an application/service. To access the ‘Overledger’ operating system, it is required to pay a license/platform fee using the $QNT token on the #Quant network. Fees are paid in a fixed ‘FIAT’ amount and the number of $QNT tokens needed varies on the price of the token.


At the time of writing, $QNT is sitting at a price of $130.05 with a large market cap of over $1.56B. You may think the price is high now, but back in 2021 #QUANT was sitting at a major price of $428+ and exceeded a market cap of over $4.6B!


Quant Socials and links

Quant Twitter – @Quant_Network

Quant Website –




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