What is Kujira (KUJI)?

Kujira – KUJI

Whether the market’s up or down, don’t let it phase you. Generating passive income is possible in any condition. That’s why we have Kujira by your side.

It’s only right that we take a deep dive…

This is a Project Review on KUJI.




What is Kujira – KUJI?

Whether the market’s up or down, don’t let it phase you. Generating passive income is possible in any condition. That’s why we have Kujira by your side.

Kujira is an IBC-enabled Layer 1 blockchain that was originally built on the Cosmos network in 2021. The mission is simple, turn crypto fish into whales… How?

Well, let’s find out!

Products & Ecosystem

The Kujira blockchain boasts the ultimate suite of DeFi tools for users of every background, whether you’re at a novice, professional or degen level. Earning passive income in the world of decentralised finance should be easy, well only with the right tools. So let’s take a look.


The world’s first-ever marketplace for liquidated collateral that gives you an edge on the bots… Orca allows anyone to self-liquidate various assets across the whole Cosmos network.

Why? If you predict a price drop and you can’t pay back your loan, you can self-liquidate to maximise your collateral return! Liquidation wipes people out of the market all the time. Kujira has innovated, to say the least.


Say goodbye to impermanent loss. Say hello to the next generation of DEXs. Fin is the first permissionless on-chain order book-style token exchange and is essentially the decentralised version of KuCoin.


Put your money to work by borrowing and/or lending assets in Kujira’s money market, whether it’s short or long-term! Ghost allows users to borrow and/or lend 25+ assets including $ARB, $INJ, $ATOM and more!


Built specifically to enhance your trading experience on FIN. Bow vows to share fees with liquidity providers, as well as additional methods of income. When you support Kujira, you get rewarded!


It’s time to catch some 100x’s with #Kujira’s native Launchpad. Tokens are launched fairly to give everyone the same opportunity. True decentralisation at work.


The motherboard to the Kujira ecosystem. Blue is your dashboard to every dApp and you can also Stake $KUJI, participate in Governance, bridge your assets and also claim your rewards from anything and everything!


A simple and easy block explorer to search for current and old data on the Kujira blockchain.

Kujira has an extensive ecosystem beyond the ones I mentioned. Here are some others within the ecosystem:

  • Black Whale
  • CALC
  • Local Money
  • Plasma
  • POD
  • Kujrians
  • Entropic Labs
  • Manta (Coming Soon)
  • Blend (Coming Soon)
  • BFIT (Coming Soon)
  • DLOYAL (Coming Soon)
  • SONAR (Coming Soon)

As you can see the list is continuously growing and the network is still considered an underdog in the space. At this rate, the tides will probably change due to the splashing of Whales.


While the team doesn’t have any deadlines on its roadmap, we can see that it is huge, constantly updated and extremely innovative to say the least. Coming soon, we are supposed to expect:

  • Kujira Name Service
  • RektBets Sports Betting
  • FIN Perpetual Trading
  • Self-Repaying Loans
  • Multiple Cross-Chain Markets for ORCA

There is more, such as a merchandise store, Sonar Launch and other exciting products and solutions. If you wish to take a look, it is on the front page of their website (which can be found at the bottom of this article).

$KUJI & $USK Tokens

With such an enormous ecosystem of products, comes a serious amount of utilities. $KUJI powers it all. The $KUJI token is used to pay for network fees, participate in governance, stake and much more that we’ve already gone into!

$USK on the other hand is Kujira’s native Stablecoin which is naturally over-collateralised! Right now, the $USK token is $1.04, $0.04 more than it should be! If you are looking to obtain $USK, you can get it in the Kujira ecosystem or the Ethereum network. Currently, $USK isn’t available on any centralised exchanges, but you can get it on FIN.

How To Buy $KUJI

If you’re looking to buy $KUJI, is not one of the easiest tokens to obtain, in regards to centralised exchanges. $KUJI is available on the two centralised exchanges (MexC & CoinEx) as well as certain blockchains.

We have broken down the two ways of buying the $KUJI token:

Option 1- Centralised Exchange

The $KUJI token is available on 2 centralised exchanges (CEXs) as mentioned.

However, we recommend using these CEXs to get either ETH or ATOM, so you can buy $KUJI on a DeFi wallet such as Keplr or Metamask. Here are some Centralised Exchanges we recommend for you to start with:

It is always recommended not to store your crypto on a centralised exchange due to the various risks it may hold. That is why we recommend option 2.

Option 2 – DeFi Wallet & Decentralised Exchange

To get started you will need a DeFi wallet and make sure to secure your seed phrase with a hardware wallet (Trezor):

If you are buying $KUJI through your DeFi wallet, you will need to have your wallet set up and you must have one of the three compatible networks, Ethereum, Arbitrum and the Cosmos Network.

$KUJI is also an IBC-enabled token and you can swap it using the Osmosis DEX which is home to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

If you haven’t set up a DeFi wallet or don’t know how to use the Ethereum network, Arbitrum or Cosmos Network, you can check out our tutorial videos here:

Remember it is always recommended to use a Defi wallet or better yet a hardware wallet like Trezor to store your cryptocurrencies.


At the time of writing, the $KUJI token is priced at $1.05 with a market cap of over $110M. $KUJI once reached an ATH of around $4.81 and has the capability of exceeding it once again. With a solid community and strong foundation, Kujira is well-positioned for a bull run.

It is clear that newcomers to Crypto and even those who have been in the space for a while can understand how hard it is to make solid and stable passive income within the world of Web3. Everyone deserves to earn, without the chance of getting obliterated by the market, which as we all know is extremely volatile!

Using the right tools for anything you do is important.

Oh and here’s a little fun fact before we finish.

“Kujira” means “Whale” in Japanese!


Twitter – @TeamKujira

Website – https://kujira.app/

Ecosystem – https://kujiraecosystem.com/



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