Keystone Wallet Review

Keystone Hardware Wallet

The Crypto wallet that James Bond would use and makes all other hardware wallets obsolete…

This is a Product Review on Keystone.






What is the Keystone Wallet?


Keystone Wallet is the most luxurious, user-friendly and compatible hardware wallet on the market. They have been around since 2018 and are officially partnered with the largest online wallet, Metamask.

The main question is, why would you use the Keystone Wallet instead of competitors such as Ledger or Trezor?


Why Keystone?

Let’s take a look at the ultimate features this wallet has to offer:

  • Fingerprint Sensor – No need to forget your pin, instead, unlock your Wallet with a Fingerprint (The only wallet with this feature).
  • Touchscreen – The wallet has a 4-inch display, reducing the odds of human error. If you have big thumbs like me, then this is definitely for you.
  • Air-Gap – Keystone wallet doesn’t use Wires/Bluetooth to verify transactions, instead facilitates transactions using the Air-Gap mechanism which uses secure, scannable QR codes which prevent the risk of inducing harmful codes.
  • Exclusivity – As an official partner of Metamask, Keystone is the only wallet connectable via Web & Mobile!
  • Compatibility – Keystone is compatible with over 200 blockchains and over 15 online wallets such as Metamask, Keplr, Solflare and more.
  • Firmware – Keystone allows users to choose from a Bitcoin-Only Firmware that strictly uses the Bitcoin code base instead of other blockchain codes. Alternatively, you can use Multi-Coin Firmware that focuses on EVM-compatible blockchains with over 5500+ supported cryptos.
  • Ultimate Private Key Security – Keystone uses various methods to secure your Private Key such as QR codes for transaction verification, a Micro SD card for offline firmware upgrades, Web3 Authentication to protect you from Supply-Chain attacks and so much more!
  • Self-Destruct Feature – The Keystone Wallet will make you feel like James Bond with its tamper-proof, self-destruct mechanism which will eliminate your private keys off your device if there is suspected disassembly of the wallet!

With such extensive security features, and a 4-inch touchscreen display you would think the Keystone Wallet would be the most expensive hardware wallet on the market, right?

WRONG! Let me show you. The two beautiful wallets to choose from:

Keystone Essential- $119

  • 4-inch Touchscreen Display
  • Powered by AAA Batteries (Not recommended for those who use it all day every day)
  • Bitcoin & EVM-Compatibility
  • And of course the software security features.

Keystone Pro – $169

  • 4-inch Touchscreen Display
  • Powered by a Chargeable Lithium Battery. (Recommended for everyday users, aka the pros)
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism
  • Fingerprint Mechanism
  • And of course everything Keystone Essential can do, and more.

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