Guide – Twitter Tips

It amazes me how much information can be found on Twitter. Making a ton of money with just the information on Twitter is absolutely do-able. 💰

Here are a few Twitter tips to help you do that.


1. Use Tweetdeck!

Tweetdeck is essential if you want keep things organised. You’re able to add lists to colums and choose what to see, and what not to see.
Add tags as colums, filter with min. 25 RTs or likes and mute certain words like ‘giveaway’ or ‘whitelist’.


2. Have influential persons and accounts on notifications.

The information that’s being published on crypto is insanely fast. Especially when you’re a trader, it’s crucial being on top of the news. Hence, notifications for key people.

For example, having exploit Twitter accounts on notifications gives you chances to short certain projects, before it’s publicly known it’s going to get exploited. Always follow the Twitter accounts of your personal investments as well.


3. Use Twitter lists!

It’s a feature on Twitter that’s super old, yet almost no one uses this.
Start lists. Organise these lists by category to scan different chains/projects/chains etc.


4. Use IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT ( is a tool that allows you to automate certain tasks, not just for Twitter, but pretty much anything. All kind of apps/services etc.


A few examples:

Example #1:
Save any tweet (by you or someone else) to a certain content folder, for example Google spreadsheet.
By doing this, you keep track of tweets you’ve followed, and are able to use them on a later date.


Example #2:
Let IFTTT send you a notification when a new tweet matching your search has been posted.
For example, just invested in a new chain? Set an alert so that whenever someone tweets about it, you get a notification.



Seriously, use bookmarks. You don’t want to know how many bookmarks I’ve currently saved. See something interesting that you need to be reminded of on a later date? Bookmark it!
Every once in a while I go through my bookmarks and find so many gems.

Get Twitter Blue if it’s available in your country already. By doing this, you’re able to more easily save tweets to bookmarks.


6. Switch through the different versions of new Twitter posts that are being tweeted.

Go to your timeline and click the stars at the top right, and choose ‘Latest’.


Now you’re getting the latest tweets, instead of the suggested ones for you.

Hope you guys are going to be using these Twitter tips!


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