Guide – Liquidity Mining

Want to start with passive income? Want to earn extra money on your Crypto assets? Then have a look at ByBit Liquidity Mining!


Want to get started with Passive Income and Liquidity Mining? In partnership with Bybit I’m able to hand out $10 $USDT airdrops to the first 100 users who use my link and deposit more than $50 in the Liquidity Mining pools!


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So, what is Liquidity Mining you might say, and how can it help you with passive income?


Basically, Liquidity Mining enables Bybit to have a variety of liquidity pools based on the automated market maker (AMM) model. Each pool contains a pair of tokens, allowing for quick and easy swaps within the pools.

Additionally, when you deposit your tokens into our liquidity pools — i.e., add liquidity — you become a liquidity provider (LP), and will be entitled to yield derived from swap fees in the pool.

As an LP, you’ll get crypto exposure while saving the other half of the assets in stablecoin. In this case, you can enjoy the rising price and reduce the risk of the price dropping, while gaining from the high APY — without having to check in on the markets daily.

Now that you know how Liq Mining works, let me explain WHY you want to do this.

Passive Income is what almost everyone wants, right? So, what are you waiting for? Deposit your funds that are simply sitting still and doing nothing, to get an extra income stream, by the yields!


For example:

  • Earn up to 38.19 USDT per month for every $1,000 in #BTC invested.
  • Or, earn up to 69.25 USDT per month for every $1,000 $ETH invested.
  • Or, earn up to 9.24 USDT per month for every $1,000 $BIT invested.


So, what are you waiting for?

To make this even more profitable, you’re getting a free $10 $USDT airdrop when signing up and staking more than $50 in any liquidity mining pool using my link!


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Closing – Passive Income Guide

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