Guide – How to setup DogeChain

How to setup DogeChain?

A lot of new 100x coins are popping up on this new #DOGE chain, called #DogeChain.

How do you trade on #DogeChain, do you need $DOGE?



What is DogeChain and how to setup DogeChain?

DogeChain is the new Chain which brings everything crypto related to the $DOGE community.

Right now, it seems to be THE next hype, so you want to be in on this.


How do I trade?

Right now, no CEX or no DEX is accepting #DogeChain, so you can’t just withdraw funds to start trading. So, how do we fix this?


By Bridging! We need to bridge our funds to the new DogeChain. So, first, we add DogeChain into our Metamask.

How do we add the new DogeChain to our Metamask, you may ask?


Login to your and add a new chain (top right corner).

– Network Name: DogeChain

– New RPC URL:

– Chain ID: 2000

– Currency Symbol: wDOGE

– Block Explorer URL (Optional):



Now, we have the chain added. It’s time to bridge our funds.

– Go to:
Connect your wallet (top right)
– Click Metamask
– Choose your account and click next
– Click ‘Connect

Your wallet is now connected.





Now, press the ‘Confirm‘ button to see your DOGE address. A pop up will show, click yes or sign.

After you’ve done that, your Doge deposit address will be visible.




Copy the address
– Go to your favorite exchange (Binance/ByBit/KuCoin etc.).
Buy Dogecoin
Withdraw ‘regular’ $DOGE to the address you just created.


Congratulations! You have now bridged and received your DogeCoin (after about 10 mins).


Your DogeCoin will convert into wDOGE on the #DogeChain network.

Track your transactions by going to:



So, how do we see charts on #DogeChain? 📊

The way to do this, is by going to DexScreener. DexScreener can be used for many different coins and many different chains, including Dogechain.



Once you’ve done this, you are now able to trade!


How do we trade?

In order to SWAP, go to the dedicated DogeSwap website. It’s basically PancakeSwap, but then for #DogeChain.





Congratulations! You’re now able to trade on the DogeChain network!


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