Guide – Grid Bots

Automated Grid Bots are now live on ByBit!

Want to catch earning opportunities available during price fluctuations with ZERO efforts? Then create your own Grid Bots and trade 24/7!


Have a look below for a detailed guide on Grid Bots, and how to create them!




Starting on ByBit!

Before we start, the Grid Bots are available on the CEX ByBit. This means, in order to start, you’re going to have to register an account. I’d recommend doing this by using my sign up link, as that gets you some bonuses which you’re not getting without using a referral link. As I’m a partner, I’m able to get you up to 15% trading fee discounts, as well as up to $4,050 deposit bonuses when you deposit within 7 days of registering!

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What are Grid Bots?

Grid Bots are trading strategies, all done and executed automatically. They’re designed to place spot buy and sell orders at regular intervals (grids) within a price range, defined by you.

Grid bots are made to capitalize on heavy price fluctuations (a volatile market) and actually make you the most amount of money during a market where it’s a lot of up and down swings. One of the biggest benefits; there are no fees when using Grid Bots on ByBit! Another great feature is that you’re able to automatically copy other users their trading bot. So, you simply go to the best performing bot, copy that one, and try to achieve the same results!


How to create a Grid Bot?

Step 1:

Click on Trade –> Trading Bot in the navigation bar to enter the Bybit Grid Bots page.


Step 2:
a. If you’re creating a grid bot for the first time, click on Create Now to go to the Create My Bot page.



b. If you’ve previously created a Bybit grid bot, click on Create More on the left side of the page to add a new grid trading strategy.




Step 3:

Create your grid bot with the following parameters:

a. Pair: Select spot pair

b. Price Range: Set lower and upper price bounds

c. No. of Grids: Enter the number of grids

d. Total Investment: Enter the amount to invest

Then, click on Create.


Please note that the higher the number of grids, the smaller the price intervals. This means that in a volatile market your orders may be filled more frequently, but your profits would be lower, due to multiple trading fees.



Step 4:

Double-check the grid bot information you’ve created, and then click on Create Now to start trading.


Your grid bot has been successfully created!

After you click on Create Now, the page will automatically redirect to My Grid Bots for you to view your active grid bots.

Click on ‘Details’ in the upper right corner of the grid bot you want to view to explore more information.



Hope you guys have learned something from this guide! Don’t forget to have a look at my other (Free) guides that I’ve shared on here!